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Peter McKesson // September 29, 2014

Serving up tons of new features

Here are some of the improvements we’ve made over the last few weeks.

Improved Contact Pages

We’ve added a LOT of improvements to the Contact pages. When you’re viewing a Contact, you now have the ability to filter their Opportunities, Jobs, and

Filter by Status:

Filter by Search:

You can also change how many items you’d like to view:

Detailed and Expanded Calendars

Expanded Hour View

The Calendar now has the ability to provide more information for you, if you need it. If you schedule a lot of short appointments, for instance, the Expanded Hour view on the calendar may be very helpful.

Calendar View

Calendar with Expanded Hour option

Detailed View

The Resource calendar features a Detailed View that provides similar functionality to the Expanded Hour view above. More information is just a click away.

Resource View

Resource View with Detailed option

Contact Import

Our contact import tool has undergone a big makeover. It’s now very easy to match up your CSV data with Kickserv’s data fields.

Removing Invoices

Sometimes, invoices are generated by accident or can be removed (for a canceled job, for instance). We’ve added a removal option to the batch editing tool on the Invoices and QuickBooks® pages.

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