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Some Big Kickserv News

Kickserv News
Peter McKesson // October 22, 2021

Kickserv purchased from ReachLocal by original founder & CTO

We've got some big news!

First, let's rewind to 1994. Todd Eccles built a desktop application—with the help of a talented software developer or two—to manage his family’s plumbing business. After several years and much success, the first web-based version of Kickserv (then called ServiceSidekick) became commercially available in 2006. More years went by. In 2012 we hired some brilliant engineers, gave the application a complete overhaul, and rebooted as Kickserv.

In 2014, Kickserv was acquired by ReachLocal, a public marketing company in California. We hired more developers and support staff, and released our first mobile apps. Eventually ReachLocal was acquired by Gannett, a global media powerhouse. Kickserv became a small fish in a very big pond. Which brings us to now.

As of this summer, Kickserv is no longer a part of Gannett. Original founder Todd and chief product technologist Jonathan Vaught pooled their funds, dug into their couch cushions, spent their kids' college money, and bought the company back, without bringing in outside investment or funding. We are officially back on our own. No potential conflicts of interest with someone else's bottom line; it's just you and us. We're a small business once again, just like most of you. Back to our roots.

Why is this so exciting? Well, we're now free to get really focused on our mission, the thing that gets us out of bed in the morning: service made simple. We want to help you run your service business more smoothly and give you back more time in your day to spend on growing your business. And we'll grow with you. Whether you have 2 customers or 2000, we'll be there to help.

Got questions? Drop us a line at any time. We're always happy to chat.

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