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Peter McKesson // February 11, 2015

Spend Smarter with Improved Marketing Sources Report

As a small business we understand how important every dollar is. You want to grow and remain competitive so what choice do you have but to invest in marketing? As a marketer myself, I have to justify spend regularly and need data to shift money where we can get the biggest bang for the buck. This is why we overhauled our marketing source reports and they are available to our customers immediately!

Using the new and improved marketing source reports you now have better analytics to determine which marketing sources are driving sales. As much as we try to make things easy for you, we will require you to populate the source field to make this report valuable. So don’t forget to ask those leads where they heard about you so you can populate that field and track how each source is contributing to your bottom-line.

We hope this improvement will help you make informed decisions about your marketing spend.

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