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Peter McKesson // April 13, 2015

The Changing Landscape of Field Service Space

We are about to embark on a discussion over the next couple of months about the rapidly growing field service, home service, industry. Our post last week highlighted a New York Times article that we think underscores how rapidly field services is growing. That fact that Amazon and Google are in the same sentence as field service and field service management should serve as notice that things are changing – and quickly.

The growth of this space is pulling in the giants of the Internet. This is just one of the trends we think is really important for small business field services to understand – because it will impact you. The internet has provided consumers easy access to information on your business. Beyond what you publish yourself, its what your consumers report in social circles such as Google Reviews of Yelp that is more important. Changing the way information is shared, the involvement of Google, Amazon and others could also impact the way you provide services and work with your customers.

Other trends we think are important are mobile, and collaboration. How is mobile technology impacting your customers’ behaviors and expectations, as well as the way your team should be working. Collaboration, largely enabled by mobile and new field service management and online appointment scheduling software solutions, is the other key trend.

We’ll explore these topics with user feedback and questions, a guide we’ll publish as well as a webinar later this spring. Send us an email if you have thoughts to share, or visit us on Facebook and Linkedin.

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