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Deactivating a User in Kickserv

Tips on Preventing Employee Turnover in Field Service Jobs

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Shannon Ketchum // August 18, 2022

Tips on Preventing Employee Turnover in Field Service Jobs

Turnover happens, especially in field service businesses. You make your best effort to vet the right people to join your team, and inevitably from time-to-time, you will hire someone that isn’t a great fit.

Things you can do to make the right hire:

1. Make sure you provide a good job description so that the job expectations are clear.

2. Review applications carefully. If there are any questions on the accuracy of the information, ask. Don’t ignore red flags.

3. Always do a background and reference check. If they are on social media, check out their profiles. If you hire them, they will be a company representative. You want to be represented well.

4. Treat your job candidates like customers. Get them excited about your company. Tell them your mission statement. Explain company culture. They will find out eventually, so it’s better for them to know up front.

5. Implement an employee referral program. You’ve got a good team, so ask your employees to refer people they think would make a good addition.

6. Have more than one person present during the interview. They might catch something you missed and provide a different perspective.

If you end up losing an employee (voluntarily or otherwise), it’s good practice to immediately remove them from your Kickserv account to keep your business secure. In order to maintain accurate history, Kickserv users are never fully deleted, but they can be made inactive.

Tip: You shouldn’t need to rename or reuse employees. Only active employees are counted against your subscription limits. You can have as many inactive employees as you like.

Deactivate the Employee:

1. Click Workforce

2. Click the pencil icon next to the employee’s name

3. Select the Deactivate button and follow the steps

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