Complete Mobile App

Run complete jobs from start to finish with the mobile app. Award-winning for being user-friendly, have everything you need immediately accessible from your Apple or Android device.

Your Business on the Move

Whether it is you or your technicians on the go, Kickserv’s mobile will help you get the job done. Easily manage all your work in the field and keep in sync with your office.

Keep Your Technicians Connected on the Go

In today’s digital world, staying connected is more important than ever—especially when it comes to business. Knowing where your employees are, what jobs are being completed, and how payment will be collected is what keeps your business running. With Kickserv’s mobile field service software, you can stay connected to your team and your customers before, during, and after each visit. Manage employees while they’re on the job; send notes, requests, and images that will improve customer satisfaction; and follow up for timely invoice collection. In addition, scheduling jobs, tracking employees, and sending updates has never been easier. Let Kickserv do some of the hard work for you when you utilize our mobile field software to manage employees, job sites, and payments.

Business on the go

To run a successful business that involves in-the-field work, you are required to wear many different hats. You have to be the boss, the payroll administrator, the debt collector, the quality assurance officer, and the complaint department. Make the job easier on yourself by keeping everything you need in one place. Not only is your entire business available at the click of a button, but also accessible directly from your mobile device. You can follow jobs, update invoices, answer questions, and communicate with clients from your phone—giving you the freedom to work from wherever you are.

Our mobile field software services

In addition to managing service and invoices, Kickserv gives you the ability to manage schedules, assign jobs, and follow up with requests or complaints. Our mobile web interface will help your team function more efficiently than ever before.

  • Manage your workforce: Create schedules, assign jobs, and keep track of employees’ locations.
  • Automate updates: Team status updates can be automatically sent to the office through the mobile app.
  • Scheduling: Create schedules, track employees’ time worked, and view notes or site requests.
  • Find opportunity: See your jobs and potential for future jobs from the field.
  • Stay Connected: Attach notes, documents, and images to a job for further clarification and better customer service.
  • Find your technicians: Utilize GPS check-ins to find your employees on a map and keep track of job duration and employee locations at all times.

Don’t let the daily tasks of running your business get in the way of your customers’ experience or your own sanity. Stay connected, informed, and top of mind when members of your community need your services. You already have a successful business, so the hard work is already done. Don’t let tedious work keep you at work late every night. Kickserv’s mobile field software will bring your successful business into the future, while giving you back some of the free time you deserve to enjoy.