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Appliance Repair Business Management Software

Your business might service a wide array of appliances, such as dishwashers and refrigerators. No matter what appliances you repair, you need tracking and invoicing software that effectively supports your daily operations. Quality software ensures you can meet your customers’ needs while still turning a profit. Vital applications include bookkeeping software and customer relationship management (CRM) programs. Kickserv offers professionals working in appliance repair CRM software and other management software to take control of their businesses. We provide an all-in-one field management solution so that you can concentrate on your services. We can customize our CRM and management software to fit your unique needs with various applications. You can benefit from Quickbooks®, two-way integration, sales and estimates tools, inventory tracking, detailed reporting on your customer interactions, and easy online scheduling synchronized with your mobile devices. All these software features ensure you can deliver quality service and keep your team on the same page.

Manage All Aspects of Appliance Repair

When you work in appliance repair, your team typically doesn’t spend all their time together in one place. Your business often involves traveling to customer locations to perform services, making supportive software a crucial part of handling your operations. Whether you’re collecting payment for a job, following up with a customer on their appointment, or managing your work calendar, we can help. Kickserv’s integrative software keeps your information in order and lets you handle all these aspects of your business from a single application:

The Convenience of Mobile

Sending your crew to a job and suddenly having to cancel or divert the appointment is a common situation repair specialists face. It’s a waste of time having to play phone tag with your team to let them know of any changes. Kickserv’s easy mobile-integrated software lets you modify, create, change, and delete your work orders at the push of a button. Your off-site workers then see any communications, such as scheduling changes and work orders, in real-time without having to use a computer. We also offer other convenient software features, including custom templates for invoices, easy online videos and tutorials, and job and invoice management. With our videos and tutorials, your team can effortlessly navigate the software and stay up to date in the field.

Clear & Intuitive Customer Service & Feedback

Businesses depend on customer feedback to validate their services and drive new customers to their doors. Kickserv’s software solutions let you integrate online reviews, website customer feedback, and other resources directly to your customers’ inboxes. This online resource utilization ensures you and your prospective customers can acknowledge the great service and experience others have received with little effort and virtually no hassle. Our services also include scheduling and inventory functionality, intuitive job tracking and invoice solutions, and easy online support to guide you through the software. We’ll gladly answer questions and provide comprehensive guidance, functionality, and custom templates so that you can offer the best possible customer service.

Benefits of Our Software Solutions for Your Business

Appliance repair business management software, including Quickbooks® integration and CRM software, offers appliance doctors and technicians more than a cutting-edge solution to their operations. You also get peace of mind knowing your finances, customer service, mobile communications, and other aspects are covered and accessible through Kickserv’s all-in-one management software. We integrate your essential activities, such as invoices and customer relationship management, into a single resource for your business. With our software solutions, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save Time – Handling all the payments, field communications, and other non-stop demands of appliance repair used to require multiple employees spending hours keeping records current and juggling tasks with phone calls and emails. Our software streamlines the entire process, letting your team focus on providing exceptional service to customers.
  • Add Flexibility – You can better manage your company’s schedule by staying aware in real-time of what each team member is working on and when. With this broad view of your schedule, you can adapt it to emergency calls and other sudden situations.
  • Improve Productivity – Our software streamlines your business processes and simplifies your essential daily tasks. With a simpler, more organized process, you can complete work more quickly and increase your productivity.

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Kickserv’s CRM solutions and other integrative software are made with your service industry in mind. You can better manage your business with mobile integration, Quickbooks® integration, and software for your estimates, invoices, and job scheduling. We put you in control of your finances and communications, including past customer messages, while also ensuring you can quickly and easily modify job assignments, manage reports for quarterly tax payments, and more. Contact us today to get answers to any questions you have about our software solutions, and let us build a plan that meets your needs.

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