Automotive and Boat Services

Quickly and effectively manage service scheduling, invoicing, and technician assignments.

Business Management Services for Car and Boat Companies

Running a car or boat company is not without its challenges. Each day on the job is different. You probably have multiple technicians and employees to keep track of. The work come in waves. To keep an automotive or boat business thriving, you need organization, automation, and dedication to your customers. You take care of the dedication and we’ll cover the rest!

Kickserv’s field service software will help you manage your workflow, team members, and prospective clients, all in one easy-to-use platform. Never miss an appointment, chase down an invoice, or mix up employee scheduling again. Our intuitive system of solutions allows you to hand over the tedious office work, so you can focus on what’s important: the customer experience.

Car and boat companies are thriving with Kickserv

Don’t just take our word for it: Our clients are thrilled with how Kickserv’s field service software has given their business another dimension. Instead of spending countless hours managing scheduling, pulling reports, working on billing, and sending invoices, business owners like you can focus on their customers and on the job at hand. They’re saving time, money, and frustration by using smart, intuitive tech tools that make their jobs easier.

Focus on your customers

Automotive and boat companies are somewhat unique in the field service industry in that many of their jobs are urgent. This pace of work can be frustrating. Trying to schedule jobs and balance each technician’s workflow can be difficult for anyone. Add to that the fact that most business owners are also in charge of many of other things, and your head might be swimming at the thought of taking on new work. Let us help you run your business efficiently and smoothly—leaving more time for you to focus on the customer experience, which will lead to repeat business in the future.

Powerful, user-friendly features

Our business management tools are easy to use and ready to go with the click of a button. Features include the following.

  • Native apps for iOS and Android: With native iOS and Android support, your entire team can stay on the same page.
  • Customer Center: Give your customers access to their own account in the Customer Center, where they can view and approve estimates, track past anc current jobs, and pay invoices.
  • Impressive job management: Add a project, schedule it with an employee, and automatically track progress throughout the entire cycle, from lead through invoice.
  • 2-way QuickBooks Sync: Fully synchronize your Kickserv data with all the QuickBooks accounting features you rely on.
  • Dynamic Calendar: No matter how complex your schedule is, our powerful calendar can help you plan ahead and prioritize projects while keeping your employees happy.
  • Customization: Give Kickserv your company’s look and feel with personalized services, business hours, and your own logo.
  • Invoicing and payments: Collecting payments—by text or email—and tracking your estimates has never been easier.
  • Detailed reporting: Use our reports to make informed business decisions.

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