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Whether you service several residential clients, commercial clients, or the hospitality industry, our janitorial service software can make your bookkeeping, field management, and customer communications a breeze. With Kickserv, every client’s needs are tracked, every expenditure is accounted for, and your scheduling can be modified and changed as needed. Provide your clients with easy online emailed billing options while synchronizing with your QuickBooks and ensure you have enough staff for any job when you utilize Kickserv’s mobile-optimized business platforms. Keep in constant contact with your clients and ensure special cleaning requests are sent to the right staff members at a moment’s notice—with Kickserv, you’ll have comprehensive control over your business and easy access to your job tracking. Contact us today to find out how Kickserv can best meet your needs.

Keep your bookkeeping clean and tidy

Keeping track of cleaning product expenditures, equipment costs, and job costs can be a timely chore, but with Kickserv you can focus on meeting your client’s needs, and our automated software will take care of the rest. Our unified bookkeeping APIs allow easy integration with your financial bookkeeping software, including QuickBooks. Kickserv is also mobile device-friendly, fully functioning with both Android and Apple devices. From easily emailed invoices to fast and friendly customer feedback options, you’ll love all the services Kickserv offers. Other features of Kickserv include:

  • Multi-employee scheduling under one job
  • Updated cost sync to your invoices
  • Ability to make notations of customers’ preferences
  • Dynamic estimates with easy updating
  • GPS check-ins for easy employee tracking
  • Job-specific expense tracking

Timely payments, easy scheduling

You know your team can deliver stellar service, but how convenient is your payment platform for your customers? With the advent of debit and online payment options, clients today expect fast and convenient payment options. With Kickserv, you can effortlessly email invoices, track communication with your clients, and provide one-button payment solutions that are secure, trackable and reliable. Kickserv has helped countless businesses like yours optimize their invoicing, make their scheduling more efficient, and ensure customer communication is keyed in. We offer simple invoice templates that are customizable to your unique needs, and we’re happy to answer all of your questions. Find out more about Kickserv’s signature payment and scheduling software by contacting us today.

Effective customer communication

Communication with your customers is one of the most critical aspects of your day-to-day operation. With Kickserv, you’ll find email tracking, notation of their preferences, and up-to-date invoicing is a breeze. From your customer’s contact information to sales, job, and invoice history, you can easily track information and ensure you deliver exceptional service. Kickserv also offers easy customer account access, where your clients can view and approve estimates, make payments, and view past jobs at their property. With Kickserv, you’ll find payments have never been faster and your customers will love the transparency and communication you provide. Contact us today to try a free trial of Kickserv or to learn more.

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