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Put Some Power into Your Back-Office with Kickserv

You keep the lights on as a trusted electrician, but who keeps your business bookkeeping running smoothly? While you may rely on your office team members to fit that bill, every worker needs the right tools to get the job done. When you utilize Kickserv, you give your office and yourself peace of mind with rock-solid record keeping, easy customer communications, and fast and effective cost tracking and invoicing. We can customize a user interface for you that’s easy to use and powerful in performance. And with Kickserv’s ability to sync with your QuickBooks software, day-to-day cost and revenue tracking is a breeze. If you need a back-office upgrade, there’s no better choice than Kickserv business software, contact us today for more information.

Wireless workflow management

Kickserv integrates with your current QuickBooks software and can two-way sync with your mobile devices, allowing you to give dynamic estimates, record costs, and track your billing hours all from your iPhone or Android device. Your office can expedite a part shipment while you’re still on-site giving a consultation, with Kickserv’s easy job task system. Simply take a picture, leave a note, and assign it to a potential job. Your office staff can see it all within seconds and start the ordering process. With Kickserv, you’ll be able to leave detailed notes, and attach photos and documents to each job or client you serve. Do you need to assign another electrician to the job? Kickserv’s easy scheduling allows for multiple employee scheduling, color-coding in your calendar, dynamic field reporting, and job updates on the fly. Finding this information later is quick and intuitive, and your entire operation can be overseen from our signature digital dashboard. With Kickserv business software every aspect of your workflow will be managed, so you have more time to manage your customers.

Comprehensive electrician business solutions

Imagine a back-office software solution that not only effectively tracks your customer costs on the fly, but also invoices them through email or a secured online portal. Kickserv offers this functionality along with job task management ensuring the right employees are scheduled for each job and have all the needed information to deliver quality service. With Kickserv, you can note detailed information on every client you serve, as well as attach photos and documentation to each job or task. Do you want to update the status of a job? With Kickserv you easily make changes, track your employees’ progress, and give an accurate estimate to your customers on technician arrival times through our signature GPS check-in functionality. Comprehensive back-office service comes standard when you implement Kickserv into your business today.

Reliable tech-support

While you may be an expert when it comes to fixing a breaker boxes or wiring a fixture, customizing your back-office software may feel a little daunting. With Kickserv, you’ll not only have the finest bookkeeping and mobile task flow management program available; you’ll have access to our friendly technical support team. We can guide you through the set-up process, answer all of your questions, and help you customize your online customer portals. We’ve helped countless contractors and businesses throughout the U.S. expedite their invoices, streamline their workflow, and better communicate with their customers, and we’re here for you when you need us. Contact us now to begin the process.

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