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Painting Company Business Software

If you’re interested in painting company business software that helps streamline your workflow, contact the team at Kickserv to learn more about our products. We provide high-level systems for companies in the service industry to make sure managing resources and taking care of customers in a timely manner is easy. If you want to discover easier ways to create and send invoices and sales outreach, give our software a trial run! We let you use our program for a 14-day period so you can experience a stress-free, hassle-free workflow.

Kickserv software helps you manage your painting business so you can focus on getting work done. Spend less time dealing with paperwork and scheduling and more time growing your business. When your day-to-day tasks don’t require all of your attention, you’re free to concentrate on expanding and investing time in customer relationships, sales, and infrastructure. Let us give you a hand where you need it the most and help free you up for those other important tasks.

Managing your painting business

The team at Kickserv understands that handling all the aspects of your painting business can be complex. From assigning crews to various jobsites, making sure you have the right materials ordered, to managing customer expectations, you are likely to have your hands full every single day. The Kickserv software is specifically designed to help companies like yours easily handle the myriad of different tasks they have to juggle. Use our simple invoicing and payment system to both request and receive customer payments in a timely manner. We make handling the money end of things even easier by being integrated with QuickBooks®.

Keep track of all your customers, along with any updates for special requests. Our template system allows you to customize fields and set reminders for you and your painting crews. We’ve also included ways to follow up on leads to convert questions and inquiries into paying customers. Kickserv is so confident that you’ll like our system that we even offer a free 14-day trial! Try the painting company business software out for yourself to see how it can change your workflow. Give our office a call today to get started.

Manage your painting crew

Kickserv helps you manage your painting crews effectively. Our software package provides a detailed resource calendar with an overview of each crew and every job. This enables you to keep track of the big picture every day, week, and month. The calendar is easy to update, so you can always adjust things for any scenario that comes up.

Our mobile app gives you the ability to stay connected to all of your painting team members in real time and allows for outstanding communication both ways. No matter how many painting crews you have out in the field, our software helps you keep an eye on your progress. Get in touch today to learn more.

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