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Schedule more efficiently and keep your jobs organized.

"The calendar and resource views and functionalities are the best features of Kickserv. It has grown with us and continues to get better everyday. "

Chelsea V.

We provide the tools you need for your painting business to succeed

Kickserv® knows you have your hands full–so we make our app as mobile-friendly as possible. The Customer Center allows your customers to request an appointment online so you don’t have to stop in the middle of a job, answer the phone and write it down. You can speak notes to your mobile app instead of typing them in. And you can tag and filter your jobs by type and then stay on schedule with our popular calendar tool. Employees can also upload before-and-after photos to the app while they’re at the job site, showcasing the quality of your work to your clients.

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The right tools for...

  • Effective employee scheduling and tracking

    Tracking your employee progress on site doesn’t have to be a game of phone tag. With Kickserv, your team members can update the job status on the fly through their phones, and record customer interactions, costs and customer signatures within seconds.

  • Job tagging

    Create custom tags to help you organize, categorize and segment your data. You can easily identify upcoming jobs by type or filter your jobs by date or technician.

  • Estimate approval

    Send estimates via text or email and get customers to sign the estimate in-person or through our app.

With Kickserv, you can:

  • Track

    your client accounts and make detailed notes

  • Record

    client interactions, payments and attach documentation to each task

  • Manage

    your workflow and schedule employees

  • Sync

    your payments and costs to QuickBooks™

  • Analyze

    your marketing and website analytics

  • Make

    more dynamic estimates on the go

  • Invoice

    clients and send reminders

  • 24/7

    support and resources

Kickserv is 100% customizable to meet your needs and can be accessed securely from any mobile device. When you need rock-solid record keeping and effective task management for your Painting business, Kickserv is your best choice.

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