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Photography Business Software

Kickserv provides you with the right photography company business software for your needs. If you struggle with managing paperwork, this is the solution you’ve been looking for. We created the right software package for those in the service industry because we know that your time is best spent working with your customers, not doing the books. Concentrate on what you do best and let us take care of the rest.

Once you get a taste of Kickserv's feature-rich system, you’ll be excited to put it to use. We provide support through online tutorials for your convenience, but our software is very intuitive and user-friendly. We work with many different types of service professionals to provide them with the tools they need to take care of business. We would love to offer it to you!

Manage photography business paperwork

Our software has a simple invoicing system that you can use to bill clients after a session or assignment. Make paper invoices a thing of the past! We also allow you to accept payments through your easy-to-use interface, which makes things easier for your customers as well. Add to that the fact that we are integrated with QuickBooks® and you have a far easier way to manage the money side of things in your business. Since this is often one of the most difficult facets of running a photography studio, our customers find our financial organization features an enormous help.

Our Customer Center allows you to invoice as well as send estimates and approvals through email. Keep track of important details such as lighting preferences, discounts, and much more in the customizable data fields you can use for your customer information. Our organizational system makes everything faster, allowing you to take more time with the client in your photography session. Contact us for a free 14-day trial to see if you like the photography business software package we offer. We’re sure you’ll be sold on the features once you give everything a trial run.

Scheduling and other assistance

Scheduling is something that can be overwhelming to keep track of in the photography business. Let us help you keep track of client appointments throughout the week and navigate all the details involved in each session. We have a fantastic overall resource calendar where you can book all of your appointment times and studios. This provides a great overview of the upcoming workload as well as what each day looks like.

Our reminders and notes areas are great organizers, allowing you to add information about each session, such as what props you may need, what lenses you’ll want to use, and other crucial information. You can even attach notes from the client or keep pertinent details handy for reference during your time with them to remind you of what they purchased. Please contact us to claim your free trial. Get a look inside the software and see what it can do for you.

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