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Track hours, manage invoices, collect deposits and get paid fast.

"Kickserv was the most user friendly for me. I did at least 5 other trials before choosing Kickserv. It served all the needs I was looking for while being very visually appealing and easy to use."

Braeden D.

Manage your schedule, customers, estimates, and invoices all in one place

Kickserv® allows you to manage your photography business in one place. Send out estimates, schedule jobs, collect deposits and send out invoices when the work is complete. Store notes and attachments with the customer record and allow customers to make payments through the Customer Portal. Send out reminders to your team or to your customers. Send out newsletters and special offers to prospective or past customers so that when they need a photographer, you’re their first call.

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The right tools for...

  • A 2-way sync with QuickBooks®

    Kickserv and QuickBooks exchange data in a two-way communication – providing you with a seamless and complete view of your work and finances.

  • Marketing

    Our integration with Mailchimp lets you send marketing emails, newsletters, coupons, surveys and more. You can also tag customers and segment your customer base.

  • Tracking Hours

    Clock in and clock out on our app and it automatically creates a charge for that time. You can even attach it to a line item in your invoice.

With Kickserv, you can:

  • Track

    your client accounts and make detailed notes

  • Record

    client interactions, payments and attach documentation to each task

  • Manage

    your workflow and schedule employees

  • Sync

    your payments and costs to QuickBooks™

  • Analyze

    your marketing and website analytics

  • Make

    more dynamic estimates on the go

  • Invoice

    clients and send reminders

  • 24/7

    support and resources

Kickserv is 100% customizable to meet your needs and can be accessed securely from any mobile device. When you need rock-solid record keeping and effective task management for your Photography business, Kickserv is your best choice.

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