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Kickserv Makes Managing Rental Properties Less Daunting

Kickserv is trusted by thousands of service companies spanning various industries, including property management companies who are looking to make managing their rental properties feel a little less overwhelming. Our state-of-the-art property management software assists with everything from invoicing and online payments to detailed custom reporting to help you keep better track of your tenants’ needs. Our user-friendly mobile app is suitable for both Android and IOS platforms, keeping you updated in real time, whether you’re in the rental office or you’re out in the field with a client. Be sure to contact us today to discover why so many premier property management groups across the United States are now included in our growing list of satisfied customers.

Benefits Offered by Our Property Management Software

Running a successful property management company is not for the faint of heart. You have to keep abreast of local, state, and federal laws applicable to your business, as well as filling vacancies and dealing with complaints and late-paying tenants. No matter how many rental properties you’re tasked with keeping track of, Kickserv’s software helps you get a bird’s eye view of your properties to keep a leg up on your competitors. Whether you manage a single apartment complex or several large-scale commercial facilities, our advanced software is beneficial for real estate and property management operations of all sizes. While it may not fully automate your job (hey, you don’t want to be obsolete!), here are a few of the many benefits offered by Kickserv’s proprietary property management software:

  • One Simple-to-Use Platform – Kickserv helps property management companies boost their productivity by consolidating everything into one simple-to-use platform. We believe that every hardworking person and business deserves the chance to maximize every opportunity, and we’re dedicated to making that happen one customer at a time.
  • Status Alerts for Higher Priorities – Kickserv software provides real-time status alerts to help you prioritize property management-related tasks. Easily keep on top of property maintenance requests, personnel issues, tenant concerns, rental applications, tenant screening, daily workflow, administrative costs, managing orders, and vendor contracts all at your fingertips. Thanks to our notification alerts, you’ll never miss another crucial deadline again.
  • Improved Tenant-Owner Communication – One of the biggest challenges facing today’s property management companies is maintaining open lines of communication with their tenants. Property management software makes this more feasible than ever before. Your company may be large enough to have several rental properties under your management, but you want to project the image that you’re still small enough to care about individual concerns. Let us help you do that, so you have fewer chances for misunderstandings and disputes that could cost you potential or existing tenants.
  • Convenient Access – Wherever you have a viable Internet connection, you’re connected to Kickserv’s software for convenient access at home, at the office, on vacation, or even while you’re en route to a rental property. Kickserv makes it super easy to collaborate with members of your property management team, no matter how spread apart your rental properties may be. Delegating work to team members at the touch of a screen allows you more flexibility in the field, making sure your property management jobs are covered at all crucial times.
  • Ongoing Technical Support At Kickserv, we pride ourselves on offering award-winning technical support for our property management software. Wherever your property management company is located in the United States, our virtual team is ready to assist!

Many Premier Property Management Companies Rely on Us

In the old days (i.e., the 1990s), property managers were forced to use floppy disks to contain all the data relevant to running their company. Today’s technology makes it possible to keep track of everything from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, keeping you connected even while you’re on the go. Our property management software is so easy to install and use, you’ll wonder what your company ever did without it. Just as no two rental properties are exactly alike, our property management software can also be customized to suit your company’s specific needs. Whether you manage residential or commercial properties, you’ll find that Kickserv can uniquely help you streamline your business. Read our testimonials to see how we’ve helped other premier property management companies just like you.

Want to Make Your Property Management Job a Little Easier?

Kickserv enjoys a high retention rate among our customers, with as many 85% of our customers from a decade ago still using and benefiting from our innovative software today. Would you like to learn more about how Kickserv can help you increase your rental property revenue while boosting your productivity and making your property management job a little easier? Contact Kickserv today to get started and be sure to take advantage of our 14-day free software trial!

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