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Communicate effectively with leads, current customers and employees.

"Ease of use for invoices as a template, all invoices look the same for every client. Easy to adjust line items and pricing as needed. Taking pictures within the app has been a great addition."

Ryan O.

Have more control and improve your view

Kickserv® organizes and automates your workflow and tasks so that you can focus on getting the job done. Send job reminders to your customers and your employees from anywhere. Categorize all of your leads so you can focus your marketing efforts. And, keep your confidential information private. You can also upload before-and-after photos to share with clients. And, most importantly, our QuickBooks® sync helps you stay on track with your finances and get paid.

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The right tools for...

  • Employee permissions

    Control what information employees can see or interact with. There is also a setting that prevents your crew from seeing what prices you charge customers.

  • Source leads

    For each customer, you can click on “Source” and record where they learned about your business. Then Kickserv can break down the numbers by source.

  • Flexible scheduling

    Schedule multiple workers to each job at one time. You can also cancel and reschedule jobs during inclement weather days.

With Kickserv, you can:

  • Track

    your client accounts and make detailed notes

  • Record

    client interactions, payments and attach documentation to each task

  • Manage

    your workflow and schedule employees

  • Sync

    your payments and costs to QuickBooks™

  • Analyze

    your marketing and website analytics

  • Make

    more dynamic estimates on the go

  • Invoice

    clients and send reminders

  • 24/7

    support and resources

Kickserv is 100% customizable to meet your needs and can be accessed securely from any mobile device. When you need rock-solid record keeping and effective task management for your Windows business, Kickserv is your best choice.

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