Read more success stories with Kickserv from these trusted sources. The good buzz from our happy customers is making our ears ring and we just had to share.

St Pete PSI
“Superior product for small business. Comprehensive tracking of work flow. Easy to follow. Great for scheduling. Customer portals are super.” Scott Bardsley, Owner
Miracle Method of the Golden Triangle
“Very easy to use. Integrates easily with QuickBooks. I like that it is mobile. I also like the new feature with the address input. The service team is always quick to respond.” Jennifer Veitch, Office Manager
Bishop Plumbing
“Love the scheduling. The program is very good and mostly does what I need it too.” Robert Bishop, Owner/Operator
Gringo Dave’s, Inc.
“We've used this Kickserv for years! It's a good, solid program that is continually being upgraded. Let's us keep all customer data in one place. Syncs with our bookkeeping program. Internet based lets us work from anywhere. Good value for the $$$. Good set of features. Great customer service.” Phyllis Clark-Kirkman, CFO
Sun Squeegee
“Very very very Professional! The Sync functions with google calendar, text messages, email reminders, maps and auto populate functions inside the app. Syncs with quickbooks and credit card processing, makes things very simple.” Joseph Phillips, Owner
Dr. John’s Lawn Prescription, LLC
“Overall it was user friendly. The sync with quickbooks was satisfactory and very useful. Customer reports average to good.” John Lightner, Owner
Friendly Giant
“Kickserv has helped us manage our schedule since the beginning. A valuable resource for business. It's only gotten better since services sidekick. The speed and ease of use has been unparalleled with other scheduling software. You can really jump in and start using this program right away, without using tutorials. ” Chelsea Vinesen, Owner
Mesa Bathtubs
“I love that I can keep all my clients and everything in one place. Customer service is awesome to deal with.” Terri Horen, Co-owner/ Office manager
Father and Son Companies, LLC
“Best kept secret. Reasonably priced. Does everything a small service-based business needs for CRM. Web interface is simple and easy to understand.” Richard Zdanis, President/Owner
Isa Serv
“Your app is great, help us for quote, schedule, invoice, and get payment faster.” Nicu Isa, Representative
Dragons Electric
“Love this program. Makes it easy to keep track of my jobs and customers. Billing and collection of work is very easy through the program.” Steven Daigle, President
Push To Shove Inc.
“Facilitates the work. What I like the most about Kickserv is its user friendly features. Its great to have for a business purposes.” Edwin Clermont, Owner
Pardue plumbing
“As a small business it works great. Reports are pretty user friendly and makes it easier to track time on jobs for payroll. Being able to see location of jobs for technicians” Tara Pardue, Co-Owner
Barone Construction, Inc.
“All my customer info stored in one place and the ability to access your invoicing from anywhere, and the ability to write estimates and invoices on the go. ” Sal Barone, President
Timber Ridge Tree Care
“Pretty Pleasant. Keeps all of my office and field workers on the same page. Love that it can also sync to my QB Desktop software.” Jason Forbush, Manager
Right Now Mobility
“The ease of use is the best part about Kickserv. You can have your team up and running quickly and easily.” Scott French, Operations
Accent Inc.
“User Friendly. Great Software, I hope you guys keep improving” Jaime Carrillo, Cost Estimator
Residential Environmental Services of America (RESA)
“We have been using this software for years- before it was "Kickserv" and truly love it. We like the syncing capabilities, customization options, reports, and task/reminder functions. This app was truly created with the intention of giving you peace of mind that you've never forgotten something. It makes us feel truly organized and gives us the ability to keep our processes working smoothly.” Mary Selembo, Executive Assistant/Admin/Office Manager
Entry Systems
“The software is very organized, easy to navigate through, I like that there's more than one way to search for something. I think the Dispatch View is an amazing concept! I am in the service industry and have technicians that I send all over S. OC, having a map right there and not having to switch back and forth with google maps would be wonderful! I really hope they will be able to fully incorporate it into the software. The texting concept is another wonderful idea I recently saw added. A lot of my customers ask for texts because their at work and in meetings etc, so to have this feature fully functional would be another efficient bonus!” Ambyr E, Internal Operations Coordinator
Comfort Generation
“Simple to use, one program for everything... integrates well with Quickbooks... easy to navigate through program.” Fran Volpe, Owner