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QuickBooks Online & QuickBooks Desktop

Award-winning two-way integration with the most popular QuickBooks version!

Our QuickBooks Online integration keeps your invoices, payments, customers and items completely in sync with your accounting software. Unlike other applications, we don’t just export to QuickBooks. Instead, Kickserv® and QuickBooks exchange data back and forth as you update it. Watch our 3-minute video to learn more.

Tested and Proven

Kickserv was the first field service management platform to offer a two-way integration with QuickBooks—nearly 15 years ago! We worked directly with Intuit to develop this integration, and many others have tried to duplicate it. It has been extensively tested, proven, and improved upon over the years. We work hard to ensure your financial data syncs properly, for your peace of mind.

Integrates with Every Version of QuickBooks

Kickserv works with every version of your accounting software: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Self-Employed, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, and QuickBooks for Mac.

Winner of Gold Developer award from Intuit, maker of QuickBooks, for our industry-leading two-way integration!

Accounting Integration Software

When you’re invoicing, collecting payment, or pinpointing sales trends, it all comes down to the numbers. Missed payments are a thing of the past with  Kickserv’s  unique accounting integration. With  Kickserv and  QuickBooks, employees will be paid on time, customers will receive timely estimates and prompt invoices, and your  back-office  duties will consume less of your time. Sound good? We thought so.

Accounting with  Kickserv  is simple.  Once you’ve done it, the possibilities are endless.  Our two-way  sync  keeps both platforms up  to  date  so  both you and your accountant stay happy.

  • Track sales and invoices
  • Process payroll
  • Maximize profit
  • Analyze trends
  • Improve sales  and marketing strategies

Learn about our Integration

Kickserv is a complete solution that can run successfully independent from any other software. However, 52% of our customers take advantage of our award-winning integration with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. This video will help you understand how that integration works.

Kickserv is your service management software, built to help you simplify, organize and run your business more effectively.

QuickBooks is your accounting platform, built to help with back-office functions like bookkeeping, bill management, and taxes.

They are designed to work together to help you manage your invoices and payments. If you create an invoice or payment in Kickserv, it will also be added to QuickBooks, and vice versa. Your customer list and items list will be also pulled into Kickserv from QuickBooks, so you’ll have them from day one.

Let’s go over some best practices and frequently-asked questions.


Almost all customers use Kickserv to create and send their invoices.

Every invoice you create will be synced into QuickBooks.

Any changes you make in QuickBooks will overwrite Kickserv data.

For your reference, Kickserv invoice numbers will be shown as a note within the QuickBooks invoice.

Kickserv invoice numbers are created sequentially and can be edited.

From the Invoices tab within Kickserv, you can see what invoices have been sent, viewed, and signed.

Customers can see and pay their invoices online. They’ll also be able to see their complete service history, and even request new service.


You can log payments inside Kickserv or inside QuickBooks. To avoid double entry errors, we recommend making it a company practice to consistently use one or the other.

Kickserv allows you to log payments from any source, but the best way to take payment is by setting up Kickserv's Online Payments.

Items List

Kickserv will also import your Items List from QuickBooks, so you’ll immediately have all your items within Kickserv. If you want to make changes to your items list, do it in QuickBooks. However, you can always tailor item descriptions, amounts, quantity and pricing for any item as needed on the job.

Customers / Contacts

Kickserv will also import your customers and save them as Contacts. Use Kickserv as your primary customer relationship management (CRM) tool.


At anytime, reference the QuickBooks tab to review, approve, and see your sync history.

Set Up

Ready to set it up? Watch this video to get off and running!

QuickBooks Integration FAQ

Do I need to manually enter my QuickBooks data?

Not at all. The Kickserv integration will import your contacts, items, invoices, and payments so your Kickserv and QuickBooks accounts will be in sync from your first day.

What information will sync between Kickserv & QuickBooks?

The following data will sync both ways between CRM and QuickBooks:

  • Contacts: Customers, prospects, leads
  • Sales Transactions: Invoices, sales orders and sales receipts
  • Payments: Currency, deposit, payment method and price levels
  • Lists: Items, item descriptions, item prices, item inventory
How often does the sync happen?

You can sync your entire account with one button click, or sync invoices one at a time or in batches. If you use QuickBooks Desktop, you can schedule times to sync automatically.

Do my employees in Kickserv need to be QuickBooks users too?

No. Employee permissions in Kickserv are entirely separate from QuickBooks. If you have employees who need to access specific QuickBooks data, but you'd rather not add them to QuickBooks, you can add them to Kickserv instead. Then they can see what they need to see in Kickserv without ever logging into QuickBooks.