Job Management.

Manage all jobs through the entire life-cycle. See job statuses, tags, worth, icons, colors and all sorts of things that make job management efficient. Allow everyone to have what they need, instantly.



Job Management

Implement best practices from thousands of service businesses over 20 years by using Kickserv. Manage Jobs from lead through payment without paper, and ensure your tech, dispatcher and customer has everything they need instantly.

See where each job is as it moves from Unscheduled to Scheduled to In Progress to Complete.

Kickserv Job Management



Efficient Job Management Software

To run an effective and successful business, you need trained and certified employees, ongoing and consistent work, a loyal customer base, and the funds to keep it all running smoothly. While you may think you have each of these aspects of your business mastered, there is generally room for improvement in one or more areas. Continuously improving and evolving as your business grows is crucial for it to be successful.

Improve the efficiency of scheduling, communication with your team in the field, and client retention with Kickserv’s suite of field software services. With Kickserv, you can improve every aspect of your business offerings—from estimate to invoice.

Scheduling and time management

Advanced Job Scheduling Software

Managing a large team of field technicians is quite the task. Making sure employee schedules are balanced throughout the month, time is tracked in an honest and efficient manner, and one-off situations are reported are all vital to creating a reputable workforce. That’s where Kickserv comes in: Let us do the heavy lifting for you and take the tedious work off your hands.



With Kickserv’s employee management tools, scheduling your employees has never been easier. Create simple or complex schedules, add multiple team members to one event, or add multiple events to any job. No matter how you organize your assignments, Kickserv can help you develop a schedule that makes your employees (and you) happy.

Once the schedules are sorted and your team members are in the field, they’ll be able to communicate with you by creating notes, jotting down reminders, or adding attachments directly to the interface. You can even make notes public for your customers to see. Track activities and communications between you and your customer throughout the job, keeping everyone in the know.

Charges, estimates, and job costing


Tracking Job Charges with QuickBooks

The first step in gaining a new customer is usually the quote process. Create a dynamic quote with Kickserv that’s more than just the typical sales pitch followed by a round number. Our estimates include built-in approval and modification features, combined with automated status updates that allow you to communicate more clearly with customer about the scope of the project and what services they’re looking for. Convert more leads into customers by giving them the power to close the deal with a click of a button.

Kickserv's Estimates


Once you’ve agreed on an estimate, scheduling and on-site surveillance are simple. Use our GPS check-in feature to determine which job a particular technician is currently working on. When employees use our mobile app to start a job, they’ll transmit their location so you can view it on a map, giving you the ability to see which jobs are being completed around town at any given time.

With Kickserv, you’ll be able to track your expenses on the job so you’re able to easily view your gross profit at the end of a project. In addition, you can send and retrieve invoices once a job is complete.