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Best Free Field Service Management

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Shannon Ketchum // October 11, 2022

Free field service management for small business

If you are still running your home service business on pen and paper, or in Excel or a Google sheet, it might be time to look at field service software. Not ready for that investment? Don't worry, there is free field service management software for small businesses available and we've taken the time to highlight the best options and what they offer. This means you can ditch all the paper and go digital at no cost. (And yes, Kickserv has a free product you can use.)

Are you making your field service work harder than it should be?

  1. Scheduling jobs on a paper calendar makes it cumbersome to move jobs around when a tech calls in sick or has a personal emergency.
  2. Searching paper files for an original invoice when you get a callback takes time and makes you look unprofessional. The customer is already unhappy, they don't want to wait for a return phone call while you search for their paperwork.
  3. Your techs have to refer to a printed work order and then enter the address in their phone to get directions to the location, which wastes time and leaves room for error.
  4. Manually collecting signatures on an estimate causes delays in getting the work scheduled and completed.
  5. Once an estimate is approved, you need to manually convert it into an invoice, duplicating efforts.

(Read more about top problems field service providers face)

Is there really free field service management software for small business? Yes, there is free lunch!

What's included in free field service software plans?

We don't tell you which is the best free field service management. You decide what's best for you.


  • Scheduling
  • Mobile app
  • 30 invoices, jobs & estimates (per month)


  • Unlimited users
  • 10 jobs per month
  • 3 invoices per month
  • See last 14 days of notes & history
  • Accounting Software Integration (excl. supplier docs)


  • Time sheets
  • Locations
  • Up to 3 users*

* Free tier reduces to 1 user after 12 months

Field Complete

  • Up to 10 users
  • Great for small businesses
  • All features included
  • Personal support 24/7
  • 2.9% credit card rate


  • Up to 2 users
  • Jobs: Notify the customer automatically when you're on the way, or send the technician a reminder when it's time to head to the job site. Track your expenses and attach receipts so you can easily view your gross profits at the end of a project. Upload any photos, documents or notes you need to capture for any project.
  • Estimates: We make it easy to schedule a visit, jot down notes, scope out a project, put together an estimate and send it to the customer. Kickserv can collect digital signatures and deliver them right to your computer, tablet, laptop or phone. Your customer can approve your estimate, request changes and even sign off on the job - all without paper or phone calls. With Kickserv, you'll be able to quickly scan any upcoming work opportunities, whether open, sent, viewed, won or lost. You can also check estimated completion dates, provide more accurate estimates and stay ahead of potential delays.
  • Invoices: Send invoices directly to customers via text or email, then track when they are received and viewed. Collect payments faster and seamlessly with online credit card payments. You can request a full or partial upfront payment. Your customer has the option to pay with a credit or debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay and more options are being added all the time.
  • Contact Manager (CRM): With Kickserv, you can create and organize detailed records and at-a-glance summaries of each customer as well as any special requests they may have. You can also find related contacts and service locations, set reminders for sales and work follow-ups and add attachments for your own reference. When you're inside the customer view, you can click on the Jobs tab and get a quick rundown of your customer's work history. Communication with your clients can become clouded by missed phone calls, payment disputes and word-of-mouth estimates. Get away from phone calls and email and use Kicksev instead.
  • Customer Center: Our messaging tool allows you and your team to see and approve work requests, negotiate scheduling and basically manage all external communications in one place. Messages can be viewed by customers via email or through the Customer Center, where they can quickly and easily respond.
  • iPhone & Android apps: Keep your technicians on schedule with the Kickserv mobile app. Techs can see the day's jobs on the map, upload before-and-after photos, collect payments and create estimates for future work.

With all of these free field service management software for small business options, you can upgrade as your company grows and you need to add features such as GPS tracking, reporting and various integrations to manage your home service business. Work from anywhere, including on the road with a cloud-based field service management app.

You can also try before you buy with a free trial of paid plans so that you find out if the application will work for you before making a commitment.

You can sign up for a free Kickserv plan here and read more details on it here.

As always, go review Field Service Management software on G2 for independent reviews.

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