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Field service management software for small business

Field Service Management Software for Small Business

Field Service Management Software
Shannon Ketchum // October 26, 2022

Finding the right field service management software for small business

As a small business with limited staff, time to handle jobs and customers and keep track of payments and accounting, it’s important to find the right field service management software for small business that automates much of this and frees your time to focus on customers. This guide will help you through your decision.

Over the coming weeks, we'll publish content to our Guide for Selecting the Right Small Business Field Service Management Software containing:

  1. Top problems field service management software can solve. Think about the problems commonly faced vs the problems you are facing. It's helpful to think about the impact, the cost to your business and how you quantify the value of addressing those field service problems.
  2. Field Service Management Software 101: What is it, what are major components? From lead capture, to estimates, jobs, small business service scheduling, online payments, customer communication and integration with QuickBooks™, we help you understand what service features exist and what you should be considering.
  3. How to pick the right field service management software for your business. After analyzing the problems in your business, their impact on your bottom line, and what features exist, this will help you in your decision process.
  4. Top small business field service management software. There are dozens of providers in the marketplace, so we have created a short list of the field service providers that are geared toward small businesses like yours. Many offer low-end price points, but it's core to their business strategy to upsell and upgrade you. We'll highlight the ones with a dedicated focus on small business.
  5. Price comparisons of leading field service management software. We regularly monitor the pricing plans of our closest field service competition to make sure we are offering a great value, and giving us enough revenue to make continued investments in new features and capabilities, like GPS and mobile capabilities.
  6. Looking for the best free field service management software? Price is important, but before you pay for any field service scheduling software, you might look and see if there are free products that might work for your business. You might need to eventually pay as you require more features, or they might have some payment processing fees, but the core solution is free.

If you have other topics or angles you'd like us to cover, please email and our team will look into it.

The goal of this Field Service Management for Small Business Guide is to make service simple

There are dozens and dozens of field service providers out there and whether you are running your service business on spreadsheets or sticky notes, or currently using some software, it's important to make the right decision for your business. This means; don't spend too much, don't pay for features you won't use, don't overcomplicate a process like scheduling and dispatch, or creating job estimates because the software forces you to work in a certain way. This guide is intended to help you make those decisions.

We will include information that we have gathered on other solutions that we think any small business should consider. We are not making any analysis, interpretations, or guiding you towards any one solution over the other. We're just giving you tips on things you should consider when making your decision.

If you want more information on other sources as well, G2 Review Site scores products and sellers based on reviews gathered from their user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

Their site includes:

A Field Service Management Software Comparison Grid

Click here to access the grid for Fall 2022

How does the G2 grid methodology work?

Review sorting methodology

G2 puts logic in place to ensure the reviews shown on product pages are the most helpful to buyers. When the page is sorted by default, the sort is calculated with a custom algorithm that includes the following data points:

  • Recency of the review
  • Amount of feedback provided in the review
  • Attribution (did the reviewer keep their name and company public)
  • Whether the review is a current user of the solution (they included a screenshot)
  • Community engagement with the review
G2 star rating methodology

The G2 star rating is calculated by aggregating reviewers' answers to their likely to recommend question (scale of 1-10) and dividing the average in half.

You will notice half stars because the visual is rounded up to the nearest half.

Other field service software topics discussed include:

  • Challenges with field service management software companies
  • Requirements for field service software management
  • Field service software management pricing
  • Trends on field service scheduling software

Get to know the Kickserv field service management solution

We would like to share more about Kickserv's field service management solution. Please check out what our clients say about us, information on our field service management features, and touch base with us.

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