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Computer Repair
Peter McKesson // October 14, 2015

Today, consumers and businesses rely heavily on their computers for both commerce and leisure. Computer repair services play a vital role in the maintenance and repair of these systems, improving efficiency and minimizing downtime associated with computer and networking problems. As a computer repair business, your greatest assets are good time management and effective organization; there are many modern business management tools available to help you deliver fast, efficient customer service when it’s needed.

Dynamic Calendar Tracking and Job Management Tools

Like other service-based businesses, computer repair services typically function via an appointment system. Dynamic calendar tracking tools allow you to view each day, week, or month at a glance, improving your ability to manage clients and employees effectively. Because conditions can change quickly and service may take more or less time than anticipated, a dynamic calendar tool also allows employees or supervisors to make schedule changes that take effect immediately to ensure smooth business operations throughout each day. Tools such as filtering and reminder generation improve your ability to stay organized to eliminate mistakes such as overbooking and missed appointments on both service and client ends. Job management tools are the perfect complement to a dynamic calendar solution, providing the capability to easily track job progress and total project time. In the computer repair field, time equates to money in terms of employee salaries and customer billing—accurate time reporting is thus necessary to organize your schedule efficiently, manage payroll reporting, and bill your customers correctly based on the actual time spent serving their needs.

Status Tools

Reaching your business goals starts with knowing your current status and how far you’ve come. Keeping track of your business in real time allows you to both evaluate your current performance and make plans for success in the future with attainable goals in mind as your computer repair service grows. Status tools put everything you need right at your fingertips to assess your business at a single glance, whether you are simply curious about your current standings or you’re preparing a presentation for business partners or investors. These tools provide you with an instantaneous view of your current jobs, employee status and availability, and projected sales and opportunities to better understand how well your business is working today and how you expect it to perform in both the short and long term. Accurate tracking of sales, payment statuses, and purchases make it easy to keep your financial needs organized to develop and implement an invoicing system that works best for you and for your clients.

As the demand for computing services grows, accurate task and employee management becomes more essential than ever before to the success of your company. You can find out more about the basics of good task management when you read through the articles on our Kickserv Blog, or take a tour of our comprehensive business management software and tools when you Kickserv.

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