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Peter McKesson // December 28, 2016

Maintaining a successful electrical contracting business requires effective organizational and task management skills. Today, many electrical contractors have discovered the advantage of utilizing business management software to boost productivity, increase potential opportunities, and better manage employee and client relations alike. Making use of tools designed to help you conduct your business more effectively can reduce the time it takes to handle these tasks, allowing you to focus on the other important factors that dictate business success.

A Client Database
Regardless of the size of your business, you rely on your clients to drive your success. Electrical contracting work need not be a one-time-only service—the best way to encourage your customers to request your services in the future is by keeping in touch and reminding them when maintenance or upgrades are due. Consolidating your client contacts is a smart move that improves your ability to communicate effectively and personalize your services by keeping track of client data, including past jobs. The more information you are able to access about a client in a single location, the better you will be able to further your relationship for improved customer service and new business opportunities in the future. One key element of an effective client database is accuracy—it’s important to make sure each client’s history and contact information is accurate to avoid mistakes or miscommunication that can diminish your business’ image.

An Invoicing System
Invoices allow you and your clients to keep track of services rendered and payments due. Electronic invoicing has grown in popularity for many reasons, including the conservation of paper resources and the ease and speed with which electronic messages and payments can be sent. Utilizing an electronic invoicing system that is easy for your employees and clients to understand can make billing even easier, reducing client frustration and ensuring you receive payments quickly and on time for your own business cash flow needs. Modern invoicing systems even allow your employees to generate bills and receive payment while onsite, which eliminates misunderstandings and payment delays entirely. Regardless of whether you opt to bill clients at the time services are rendered or after the fact, effective invoicing is also a part of providing good customer service—when your clients receive clear bills that are transparent and easy to pay, they are more likely to consider your service again in the future.

If you’re looking for a suite of effective business management tools that will boost your success and let you focus on the aspects of electrical service you love, please stop by our website to take a tour of our amazing field service software. Our business management software is focused on delivering the functionality you need to manage finances, employees, clients, and more with ease. You can also learn more about our tools and the important role task management plays in your business when you read through our monthly blog.

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