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Peter McKesson // November 16, 2017

To keep your cleaning company employees happy, time off is nearly important as the time your team spends working. However, in a service business, you have to meet the needs of your customers, or they will find another company that can. Managing time-off requests starts with having a reliable business management software program to use for scheduling, so you always have the information you need about employees’ availability and employees always know what to expect. Here are some tips for ensuring that your employees get the time off they need to do their jobs effectively without letting your valuable customers down.

Know Your Business

To build a policy for time-off requests, you have to know your business well. Know exactly when the high-demand times are for your company and when business tends to slow down. For instance, your cleaning company may receive a rash of new customers during the holiday season, as people get their homes ready for guests, but then the end of summer may be slow. By anticipating demand, you can make decisions about time-off policies that work for you.

Create a Clear Policy

Don’t let time-off requests come in without any plan. If you don’t have a policy, some employees will abuse the system for taking days off, while others will become frustrated as they wonder if they can really ask for a day. Have a clear-cut policy that you address with every person as soon as they hire will help. Your policy should include this kind of information:

  • How soon in advance requests need to be made
  • How requests should be made
  • How many vacation days and personal days are available
  • What will happen to unused days at the end of the year
  • Whether PTO is available and who is eligible to receive it
  • How vacation time accrues
  • Any time of year when no vacation days are allowed
  • How to deal with last-minute sick days
  • If days are first come, first serve or if seniority determines who gets their days approved first

Your employees will feel empowered to make decisions about how and when to take time off when your policy is in place, and you don’t have to worry about maintaining fairness across the board, since you can simply follow your plan.

Use Software to Manage Your Schedule

Using business management software to handle your regular schedule and time-off requests will drastically simplify the process. Allow your employees to submit requests through the software system, and approve or disapprove them through the same system. By using your business management software, you’ll always have a record of requests and will be able to spot any scheduling holes quickly.

Make your scheduling more efficient with our business management software program, which is geared towards service-related industries like yours. Find out about all of the features of our software by visiting our website, and get more advice for managing your business on our blog.

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