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Peter McKesson // February 18, 2016

Today, traditional word of mouth has been largely replaced by the use of crowd-sourced review websites designed to allow consumers to find local businesses and discuss their experiences. Yelp is both an established and still-growing online environment that offers businesses an online platform from which to reach out to new and existing customers. By combining your Yelp business profile with the solutions offered by your business management software, you can enhance your customers’ experience for easy appointment requests and task management that will not only increase the number of service requests you receive, but also improve your internal task assignment process for simpler and more efficient employee and resource deployment.

Optimize Your Yelp Profile

The quality of your Yelp profile has far-reaching effects on your online presence. When your Yelp profile is an effective client communication tool, new and existing customers will find your business more easily and will be more likely to connect with you and request services. The best way to optimize your Yelp profile is to provide adequate information about your business and the services or products you provide. Including information such as photos, business hours, your contact information, and a thorough description of your business in simple and effective terms is the best way to ensure your Yelp profile works for you to make your business visible, searchable, and approachable. A clear, concise, and up-to-date profile will not only serve to inform customers about your business when they search for services or products related to your industry, but also display a professional image that improves customer confidence to generate brand loyalty and increase business requests.

Connect Your Yelp Profile with Your Task Management System

Together with your business management software system, your Yelp profile can help you implement online appointment booking and service requests to facilitate simple and easy customer connection. Once a customer has accessed your Yelp business page and requested an appointment, you’ll receive a notification regarding the service request. Using your task management software, you can then assess your available resources at the time of the service request, immediately assign staff to the task, and contact the client to confirm the appointment or request further communication if necessary. Combining your Yelp profile with your task management system means you can easily and immediately assign workers to each task and fill open appointments so there are no scheduling mistakes or mix-ups. Once the requested job has been logged into your task management system, you’ll also be able to input additional notes and information for both your staff and your clients. This seamless system increases the ease of booking appointments to improve your customers’ overall experience with your business, which can help to generate new and repeating business opportunities.

Yelp business page connection is just one of many features available when you choose our smart business management software solutions. You can find out more about our task management tools on our website, or click through our monthly blog for more business management tips and news.

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