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Peter McKesson // October 8, 2015

Connecting with your customers is an essential element of ongoing business success and growth. Whether you want to draw in new customers or maintain your current client base, connection and communication allow you to gauge how your products or services are received and monitor your company’s public image for better reputation management. Kickserv’s smart and user-friendly business management software includes the tools you need to connect consistently with your consumers in a positive and organized way.

The Value of Connecting with Your Customers

Creating personalized and lasting ties with your customers demonstrates a commitment to providing an individualized and high-quality experience during every transaction. Developing and maintaining a connection with individuals and groups is a great way to inspire customer loyalty by showing that you care about each person that purchases your goods or services. Consumers want a personalized experience that meets their needs and grows with them as they change; the connections you cultivate can provide the valuable feedback you need to determine whether changes in marketing, presentation, or services are needed, or whether your consumers are satisfied with your current performance and inventory. Connecting with your customers regularly also allows you to take charge of any situations that may arise, addressing concerns or performance issues immediately, rather than allowing them to persist and negatively affect your reputation and your success.

Kickserv’s Customer Connection Tools

In today’s digital world, it is easier than ever before to maintain personal connections with your customers using the business management tools provided by Kickserv’s management software. Kickserv stores each customer’s information and any notes you may have added regarding each client in a single central location, allowing you to easily view everything you need to know about each account at a glance. This database includes calendar and reminder functions, making it simple to set up reminders for recurring services, follow-ups, and more. Furthermore, Kickserv’s customer database includes search functions that quickly pull up all relevant contacts, locations, and services associated with your clients, improving your ability to view your customers based on specific characteristics, as well as your client base as a whole. Your entire team can view, update, and manage customer communications, while customers can also access messages for clarity and tracking purposes. Our customer engagement portal provides an enhanced consumer experience by allowing customers to easily manage their communications with you as a provider, including estimate reviews, appointment scheduling, online payments, and their complete service or order history.

Are you ready to discover how Kickserv’s task management software and tools can boost your business? Click on over to our website today to take a look at the many features our amazing business management software offers, from employee tracking to customer communication and invoicing. You can also find more tips and details on how Kickserv will benefit your business when you check out our monthly blog.

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