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Peter McKesson // July 24, 2015

Last post we framed how the customer experience of working with field service companies is changing from Discovery, Decision, Experience and then the actual Service you provide.

The first point of Discovery hits on the idea that the social web drives much of our information gathering and provides us an outlet to express our satisfaction with an experience. During the webinar we conducted in May, there were some questions around this topic that steered into Facebook.

During our webinar we highlighted that Facebook is moving in the direction of providing a platform for businesses to engage with their customers – both in communication but in the future with tools to do even more.

The other trend that came up was Facebook’s shift on business pages. The posts you push as a business are getting less prominence in the feeds of your followers, diminishing the exposure and reach you can get on Facebook. They have increased the solutions available to advertise and reach consumers on Facebook.

These solutions are important to leverage, but this infographic from marketing automation provider Marketo, also highlights the value of looking at your website and email marketing and more – its not all Facebook. We thought we’d share this information as a continuation of our Trends in Field Service Management

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