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FAQs About Kickserv’s Signature Capture

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Peter McKesson // March 12, 2018

When you’re in the service industry, it’s common to require signatures on estimates, invoices and work orders. Obtaining them the old-fashioned way – by scanning, printing, signing, and faxing or mailing – is a huge hassle. Fortunately, Kickserv offers signature capture to eliminate the inconvenience associated with collecting signatures. Here’s more information about using signature capture for your small business.

What is an electronic signature?

This digital equivalent of a handwritten signature is added to a document to make it legally binding. This electronic option is useful for collecting signatures from freelancers, clients and others who are not currently with you. Simply email the file to the person from whom you need a signature. He or she can view the document online, sign it electronically and email it back to you. You can even request a live electronic signature on a tablet or another touch device to skip the need for a pen and paper.

How can signature capture be used on estimates?

You can collect electronic signatures on estimates in two ways: live and via email.

After a technician or estimator conducts an on-site estimate, he or she can pull up the estimate from the Kickserv software and click “Collect live signature.” Then, the customer signs directly on the screen using a stylus, a mouse or their finger.

You can also send clients an estimate via email. If they approve, they provide their electronic signature and send the email back.

How can signature capture be used on invoices?

Once the job is complete and you need to invoice the customer, you may choose to request an electronic signature to verify that the customer is satisfied with a job well done. As with estimates, Kickserv allows you to collect invoice signatures in person and via email using the same process outlined above.

How can signature capture be used on work orders?

If your business uses work orders to approve the work to be completed or to verify that the work has been done, you can use signature capture in this context as well. The process is the same as collecting electronic signatures on estimates and invoices and can be done in person or via email.

Your business benefits when you simplify the signature-collection process with signature capture from Kickserv. This technology keeps more of your operations online to save you money on paper, ink, envelopes and postage. It’s also instant, saving you time and hassle.

To learn more about our award-winning service business software, please visit our website. You can also visit our blog for the latest advice about running your small business.

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