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FAQs About Overhauling Your Marketing Strategy

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Peter McKesson // January 20, 2018

FAQs About Overhauling Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies are at the core of connecting with customers. Your strategy shouldn’t be a stagnant thing but rather something that lives and breathes and is constantly evolving in response to changes in your industry and marketplace. New marketing capabilities through your business software, new trends in your business, and new responses from your customers can all point to the need to give your plans an update. Of course, tweaking your marketing strategy is a major undertaking, and you’re likely to have some questions about what steps you should take. Here is what you need to know.

Where do I begin?

This step may be the hardest part of redoing your marketing strategy. You can discover where to begin by considering why you’re starting in the first place. Consider the reasons you feel it necessary to have a new marketing plan, and start building a strategy around addressing those needs. For example, maybe you’ve noticed a local competitor attracting new customers using a new form of advertising. Determine how you can tap into that customer base for your business by changing some of your advertising. Perhaps you notice that your competitors are doing a better job with using online tools for marketing. Start with a review of the features of the business management software you use to find out what tools you could be using that you’re not.

If you’re still stuck on where to start, go all the way back to your reason for starting your business. Remember why you started your business and start rebuilding your marketing plan to reflect that reason.

How can I find my audience?

Your customers evolve, so it’s important for your understanding of them to change as well. Review the data you currently have about your customers to construct a persona of the buyers who are likely to be interested in your services. Create multiple personas to identify different segments of your market, and then tailor your marketing approach to these groups. Be sure to consider where they spend time online, which publications they read, and where they shop so that you can be sure to be in places in which they will encounter your business.

How will I know if my efforts are successful?

When you launch your new marketing strategy, it’s important to track the impacts your plan is having on your bottom line. Using the analytics built into your business management software will help you decide if your efforts are working. Find out how customers are discovering your business and determine how well your efforts are converting potential leads into real business. Combing through your analytics regularly will help you focus your efforts on marketing strategies that are delivering returns and divert resources from those that aren’t working.

Our business management software offers robust marketing tools, including our Reach Edge marketing analytics, so you can easily launch your strategy and constantly evaluate your ROI. Learn much more by visiting our website, and don’t forget to check out more insight for business owners on our blog.

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