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Peter McKesson // May 11, 2016

Focusing on Field Service with Kickserv’s Business Management Tools

The field service industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, as the use of mobile technology has moved to the forefront in terms of scheduling and reviewing service. Today, customers expect efficient service, convenient scheduling, and cost-effective solutions that will increase the returns they get on their service investment. Regardless of your field service focus, you can benefit from the implementation of business management software to overcome outdated practices and adapt your methodology to better match current customer preferences and demands.

Track Your Service Demands

In the past, businesses relied on historical service data to predict upcoming trends and demand in terms of customer service. However, this left little room for fluctuation and made it difficult to quickly adapt inventory, employee availability, and even service offerings to changes in demand. Today, your business management tools make it easy to instantly view the current state of customer demands and adapt your services to match. Whether there is a sudden increase in customer demand or a change in the way customers prefer or require one or more services to be performed, you can use tools such as online scheduling, GPS tracking, and mobile invoicing to quickly gather the data you need to adjust your resources or employee availability accordingly with the needs of your customers.

Deliver Preventive Services

If you are in a repair-based industry, it’s important to note that simply waiting for customers to call in with repair requests is a surefire way to let your business fall behind in terms of profit and service versatility. Using your field service software, you can easily track client histories and provide preventive service reminders and solutions that will gain you repeat business without the need to wait for equipment to fail, break, or experience other issues. Improving this aspect of your service will also improve client loyalty by showing customers that you care about their wellbeing and their wallets, offering cost-effective ways to keep equipment running more efficiently and for longer to maximize financial savings without sacrificing business.

Speed Invoicing, Billing, and Scheduling

Invoicing, billing, and scheduling can take much longer than necessary when performed via paper documentation. Furthermore, most paper documents are transferred to digital information after the fact, also increasing the amount of time required by your employees and the wait time passed on to your clients. Mobile task management software allows you to eliminate the extra steps associated with paper documentation by letting employees create, complete, and file invoices immediately while on the job using mobile technology. Appointment scheduling becomes easier with field service software as well, preventing double-bookings and ensuring the employees dispatched to each job are qualified for the service requested and able to arrive within a smaller window to meet the time demands of your clients.

Today, you have many tools at your disposal to help you adapt and grow your business to meet the current and future demands of your clients. You can explore the many major benefits of field service software implementation for your business when you take a look through our extensive website or sign up for a free 14-day trial of Kickserv’s task management tools. We also encourage you to delve through the additional articles on our blog for even more up-to-date field service service tips and information.

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