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Peter McKesson // November 14, 2016

Managing your business remains an important priority, whether you work out of an office or spend the majority of your days attending appointments or fulfilling service calls. Today, mobile device usage has overtaken desktop and laptop computer access throughout the consumer sphere, and this trend is mirrored in the business management world as well. The ability to take your vital business management tools with you on the go has far-reaching benefits for your business in terms of efficiency, cost reduction, and employee and customer satisfaction. Our mobile web interface makes this possible so you and your entire team will stay up to date throughout the day, regardless of your location or your schedule.

Consistent Management Capabilities

The management of your business shouldn’t come to a halt when you step away from your workspace. If you must frequently spend time away from your computer, keeping track of your business in an organized fashion can become a significant challenge if your business management tools can’t travel with you. The new mobile capabilities of our business management software eliminates this issue by allowing you to consistently track your workflow and message clients and staff from any location using your mobile device. This amazing solution can turn any phone or tablet into a powerful tool that lets you easily communicate with clients and employees to maintain the high level of organization needed to maximize your capabilities and tailor your services to meet the needs of every client.

Updated Employee and Service Tracking

Mobile business management can be a significant asset even for managers who maintain a regular workspace. By equipping your employees with mobile devices, you can easily and accurately track their location and their schedules to monitor job progress, make new appointments, or customize your responding workforce by job type or required skillset. Employees can also add notes and images to specific jobs, allowing you to easily modify estimates or final billing information to accurately reflect the level of service rendered. Finally, the ability to track your employees can also help you improve your scheduling capabilities by giving you an accurate measure of the time it takes to complete jobs or reach certain locations. Customizing your employees’ schedules based on their location is the best way to reduce unnecessary travel time and ensure that each job is handled in a prompt and satisfactory fashion.

Our task management software can take your business to the next level with organizational tools that improve efficiency, streamline workflow, and help you to better meet your customers’ needs. Now you can take all of these tools with you to any location with our new mobile capabilities, allowing you to manage employees and jobs from anywhere and at any time. If you’d like to find out more about our business management software, please stop by our website to explore our features or take a virtual tour of our solutions. You’ll also find further business management tips and news when you click through our monthly blog.

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