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How to Improve Your Company’s Profitability with Appliance Repair Software

Appliance Repair
Peter McKesson // April 23, 2018

As the owner of an appliance repair company, you rely on your technicians’ aptitude for diagnosing and fixing problems out in the field. If you apply the same skills as your technicians when operating your business, you can expect to improve your bottom line. Here’s how to use appliance repair software to increase your company’s overall efficiency and profitability.

Collect vital information when scheduling jobs

To set your technicians up for success, use appliance repair software that automatically requests information when a customer schedules an appointment online. You might create fields that ask for the appliance make and model number, what problem the machine is having, and any history of malfunctions. These helpful pieces of information increase the chances of fixing the problem the first time around.

Stock your technicians’ trucks properly every morning

If you don’t already have a process for stocking your technicians’ trucks efficiently, use your appliance repair software to help. Make it a habit to check the day’s jobs and any corresponding information you collected when customers scheduled appointments. By knowing what to expect for the day, your technicians can make sure they have the right parts and tools before they leave.

Standardize pricing techniques

How do you currently bill your customers? If you allow your technicians to bid jobs in the field, they may be inadvertently over or undercharging customers. Overcharges affect customer satisfaction and referral rates while undercharges negatively impact your bottom line.

Fortunately, appliance repair software with a job expense tracking feature makes it easy to keep an eye on your profits. By analyzing replacement part costs, fuel and vehicle costs, and labor costs (including payroll taxes, worker’s compensation insurance and employee benefits), you can figure out how much to charge for each specific job. This accurate cost estimation technique allows you to balance your income to expenses ratio perfectly.

Inventory spare parts

It’s easy for replacement parts to get lost in the shuffle at the end of each workday. However, if you develop a process for tracking unused parts, you reduce the need to reorder components you already have in stock. Smart inventory management via your appliance repair software helps you save money on parts and maximize your available storage space.

Optimize routes and schedules

When your technicians leave every morning, use your appliance repair software to create routes based on appointment times and locations. By reducing the travel distance between jobs, your technicians spend less time on the road and more time conducting money-making repairs. You also save on fuel and reduce vehicle wear and tear with optimized routes and schedules.

Investing in Kickserv appliance repair software allows you to easily accomplish all of these tips, saving your company time and making you more profitable. To learn more, please visit our website, and check our blog frequently to find more tips for small business owners.

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