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Peter McKesson // January 10, 2017

Kickserv provides a variety of types of software and services designed to help businesses stay organized, both internally and externally. Along with our business management software and invoice software, you can rely on our job management services to help you with organization and productivity. Learn about some of these services below:

Advanced Scheduling

No matter what type of business you run, it is important to make sure you and all of your employees stick to an organized schedule. Whether you have to send employees out to jobs or have customers come to you, scheduling services will make it much easier to know where everyone is supposed to be at all times. Our advanced scheduling service allows you to quickly search through your employees and see where everyone is and what they will be doing for the rest of the day.

Time Tracking

Along with a schedule that contains everyone’s plans for the day, our job management services also provide individual employee time tracking capabilities. Your employees can enter times into the time tracking section so you can easily send bills to your customers and handle payroll responsibilities.

Notes and Attachments

It can be annoying and time-consuming to try to send and respond to emails throughout the day. You can free up some space in your inbox by using our notes and attachments. This service lets your team share notes in one place, reducing the need for emails. Every team member will be able to see and respond to these messages. You can also make certain notes and attachments public to your customers.

Job Charges

Does your business use QuickBooks®? If so, our job charges service is the perfect complement. This service provides a space to keep track of customer charges as well as other aspects of your account. You can also sync this service up with QuickBooks to make it even easier to keep track of finances.

GPS Check-Ins

Companies that send technicians out on jobs need a good way to keep track of everybody. With our mobile app, your technicians can easily check in when they get to the location of a job. You can then use the app to see where every technician is, allowing you to keep scheduling jobs throughout the day.

Our staff can help you learn more about our variety of job management services. Whether you are interested in business management software, invoice software, or other job management tools, we can help you keep your business organized. Get started by clicking over to our website where you can check out our blog.

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