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How to Market Your Moving Company

Moving Company
Peter McKesson // April 23, 2018

How to Market Your Moving Company

As the owner of a local moving company, you want to get the word out about the services you provide. If you hope to get noticed among the national companies you compete with, you must turn to digital marketing. Here are the vital steps any 21st-century moving company must take to remain competitive in this age of the Internet.

Build a Quality Website

This is the most critical step in creating an online presence. If you don’t already have a website, get one! Here are the top features you should include on your site:

  • Easy navigation
  • Full contact information
  • License numbers, qualifications and differentiators
  • Service request form
  • Cost estimates
  • Privacy policy and terms of use

Start a Blog

The purpose of a blog is to provide useful information to your customers, come across a knowledge leader and increase traffic to your website. Your blog may consist of:

  • Moving and packing tips
  • Moving industry statistics
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Informative infographics

Create a Presence on Social Media

The top social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter, though it may also be useful to have a presence on Instagram, Google+ and others. With your accounts set up, start socializing with your customers by sharing:

  • Relevant topics and tips
  • Industry information
  • Links to your most recent blog posts

Start an AdWords Campaign

Once you’ve established a website, blog and social media presence, it’s time to drive traffic to these web pages. One way to do this is with a Google AdWords campaign. This helps you target local prospects so more people find you, visit your website and book moving services.

Drive More Leads on Yelp

Many people who need moving services check reviews on Yelp and decide then and there which company to hire. By offering the option to book moving services directly from your Yelp business page, you convert more leads into paying customers.

Manage Your Reputation

Positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising are critical to your moving company’s success. You can bet prospects will look you up and compare your business with competitors before booking services. To ensure future customers find good things about you online, follow up with your past customers and request reviews that you can display on your website, Yelp page and social media accounts.

Invest in Moving Company Software

The old way of running a moving company involved sorting through lots of paperwork and scheduling calendars. With moving company software at your disposal, you can spend more time getting work done and less time on tedious, easy-to-automate tasks. Your software can facilitate estimates, online booking and invoices, customer tracking, and much more.

Our moving company software and digital marketing services combine to help you promote your business successfully for more leads and increased revenue. If this is a service you’re interested in trying out, please learn more by visiting our website. Then, get more advice for running your small business on our blog.

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