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Peter McKesson // November 3, 2016

Meeting Evolving Customer Needs with Our Dispatch Map Feature

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is one of the keys to a healthy business. In today’s fast-paced business world, customers have come to expect faster, more customized service. When consumers feel that their individual needs and concerns are met in a prompt and satisfying way, they will return to your business because of your dedication to delivering the high-quality service they desire. Our task management software now includes an easy-to-use dispatch map display that will boost service management to the next level. This map feature is the perfect way to track employee services and locations in an organized and effective way, allowing you to make up-to-the-minute determinations regarding your service capabilities to accommodate new and evolving customer requests.

Developing Efficient Service Schedules
Efficiency and good organization are basic skills that keep your business moving forward. Clients who call for services want not only the ability to receive prompt service, but also the flexibility to request service at a time that is convenient for them. Trying to meet these customer needs can be challenging, especially when you offer services throughout a large area. Furthermore, service-based businesses often incur expenses related to travel, including fuel costs and vehicle maintenance or repair costs. Thus, these businesses can greatly benefit from a streamlined daily service schedule that reduces not only travel time, but keeps fuel and other vehicle-related costs low as well. Our dispatch map feature allows you to easily visualize your entire service area at a glance, highlighting not only the location of your business and each day’s clients, but also your employees’ homes and routes. This information makes it simple to plot out the most efficient service schedule for each employee, increasing the number of appointments you’re capable of filling each day to meet your clients’ demands without increasing your operational costs out of proportion with your profits.

Filling Same-Day and Emergency Requests
Service-based businesses are often subject to last-minute and emergency calls from consumers who require immediate attention. The way in which you handle these calls can make or break a future relationship with your customer, affecting your reputation and your businesses success over the long term. The ability to offer same-day and emergency service appointments can dramatically boost your business’s reputation by showing your respect for your customers’ time and your dedication to meeting their needs with promptness and efficiency. Clients who can rely on your business for a fast response will be more likely to return for future services. Our dispatch map feature makes it easy to handle last-minute calls by allowing you to quickly visualize current employee locations and assign emergencies or same-day appointments based on location and schedule. Not only will your employees spend less time traveling, but your clients will also receive the fast service they expect and maintain a more positive relationship with your company.

The business management tools you’ll discover as part of our software are designed to make managing your time, your employees, and your clients an efficient and enjoyable process. Our goal is to reduce the potential for organizational errors while facilitating communication and task management to help your business grow and thrive. We invite you to learn more about our new dispatch map feature and the other task management tools we offer on our website; you can also check out our blog for additional articles on improving your business through better time and employee management and tools.

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