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Peter McKesson // February 9, 2016

Meeting the Challenges of Implementing Field Management Software

Integrating business management software into your business model is an excellent solution for greater productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Once you recognize the need for smart task management solutions, implementing the use of business management software into your daily operations is the next step toward success. Understanding the challenges you face and how to meet and overcome them will help you take full advantage of all the business benefits offered by field management software.

Employee Training

The implementation of a new task management system typically requires some additional employee training. This training should ensure that each staff member understands how task assignments and time management will be accomplished using the new system. Team members may require training to input time and tasks into the system correctly for more efficient resource deployment and billing. Furthermore, employees will need to understand how to access calendar and scheduling functions to facilitate improved scheduling solutions for more effective employee and work order management. If you plan in integrate mobile technology into your new task management solution, employee training with mobile devices and remote access may also be needed for improved deployment and customer service.

Customer Notification

The benefits of field management software go far beyond the internal gains. Your new task management system will also improve your customers’ experience and the ease with which they can schedule appointments and access past work or billing records. Once your business management system is in place, you’ll also need to notify customers about your new system, as well as provide login information so they can gain access to your customer engagement portal and the benefits it offers them. As your business continues to grow, you should plan to contact and engage customers through your portal for easier communication and facilitation of future transactions.

Business Tracking and Projection

One of the major benefits of field management software is the ability to gain a snapshot of your business’ health at any time. Learning to use this snapshot and the information it provides for better business and resource management is an important step on the path to using your task management software for smoother daily business operations and future business growth. Taking the time to explore the tools and information available to you on your task management dashboard and developing a way to use this information as a rubric to measure the success of your overall business plan is a valuable effort that will ensure you are truly gaining the greatest benefit from your business management software system.

Our powerful business management software is designed for easy integration and implementation into your existing daily task management system. Your new business management tools will be fully compatible with Quickbooks, Yelp, and more for a seamless transition that means gaining the benefits of smarter task management quickly. Please visit us online to take a tour of our software or request a 14-day trial; you can also learn more about smart task management and the benefits of implementing business management software solutions on our blog.

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