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How to Minimize Wasted Time at Work

Time Management
Peter McKesson // August 11, 2017

Time management is always an issue in the workplace, and in service-based industries, when employees spend most of their days working independently in the field, it can be an even bigger concern. Covering your business’ labor costs demands that your employees use their time efficiently, but how can you be sure that is the case, especially when they are working out of the office? Business management software with GPS check-ins for your employees and dynamic scheduling is an essential foundation for fighting back against wasted time on the clock. These steps will also help.

Set Clear Expectations
When you work in the field, any number of things can arise that can throw off your schedule, from unexpected traffic to bad weather. However, you should have expectations for how long certain services should take, and your employees should know the time window they have to complete their work. Communicate your expectations about following schedules and getting jobs done in a timely matter, so that your employees know your rules and know that you’re paying attention to how their time is being used whenever they are on the clock. Set up a system for reporting delays to you in real time, so that there is little room for lost time in the day.

Create a System for Accountability
During employee performance reviews, review how your employees are following their schedules and look for patterns of missed or delayed work that could indicate that time is not being managed properly. Hold these reviews on a regular basis, and make sure your employees understand that you will be looking at their schedules and holding them accountable for problems. Have a transparent system for dealing with schedule and time management discrepancies so that your employees are aware of the consequences of wasting time during the workday.

Rely on Software
If you have employees doing work in the field, a software system with GPS check-ins is one of the most valuable tools you can have. It provides completely transparent and irrefutable information about employees’ workdays that not only lets you identify potential time management issues but also helps you make accurate projections about how long specific services will take. This information will help you set pricing and create a realistic schedule that is set up for your employees to succeed.

Our business management software features GPS check-ins and dynamic scheduling that can be updated across your business in real time, so you can find and deal with wasted time that is costing you money. You can learn more about how our software could improve the way you do business on our website, and don’t forget to bookmark our blog for ongoing tips and advice for business owners.

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