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Service Business Scheduling: Solutions to Common Problems

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Peter McKesson // May 9, 2018

Service Business Scheduling: Solutions to Common Problems

As a service business, you rely on customer appointments to earn revenue. Unfortunately, coordinating dates and times with everyone involved can be very time-consuming. Here’s a look at some of the most common scheduling problems you’re likely to face and how service business scheduling software can alleviate them.

Problem: Everyone has separate paper calendars, which don’t align and cause confusion.

Solution: Download service business scheduling software with a built-in calendar for everyone on your team to use. This way, each technician can see scheduling updates in real time, whether they’re looking at the office computer or pulling up the calendar on their phone while working out in the field. Everyone stays on the same page, and no one is accidentally overbooked.

Problem: You have overlapping information stored in too many places.

Solution: If you have a separate personal and business calendar, consider synchronizing them. Kickserv’s service business scheduling software syncs one-way with Google Calendar so you can keep your life more organized.

Problem: Phone tag wastes time.

Solution: Offer self-service online scheduling to take the stress out of setting appointments for both you and your customers. When a client has a moment to spare, he or she can check the current availability and schedule services at a convenient time. Then, your team can view the request and approve it before it gets added to the official calendar.

Problem: Coordinating an appointment with multiple people wastes even more time.

Solution: With a master calendar, you can tell when everyone on your team is booked. The key is to align a mutually free time slot with your client’s schedule so everyone can attend. Using your calendar as a guide, propose two or three possible meeting times to each client. Even if you must plan ahead a few days or even a few weeks, everything should line up using this method.

Problem: Clients cancel at the last minute.

Solution: To help discourage this, create an effective cancellation policy. You might collect a non-refundable deposit or charge a fee if a client cancels within 24 hours of the appointment date. Detail your policy in the online appointment system included in your service business scheduling software. Incorporate a prompt that clients must check to indicate they have read and understood your cancellation policy.

Problem: No-shows leave you feeling frustrated.

Solution: Clients who fail to show up or who aren’t home when your technician arrives waste valuable time and resources for your company. Many times, these no-shows happen by accident. Instead of manually calling your clients, you can set up your service business scheduling software to send out automatic reminders 24 hours ahead of time. This decreases the possibility of forgetful customers and makes no-show much less likely.

With Kickserv, setting client appointments is easier than ever! To learn more about our service business scheduling software, please visit our website. Then, keep up with the latest advice for running your small business on our blog.

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