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Peter McKesson // April 20, 2016

Setting Up Field Service Software Goals

Field service software is an excellent tool that will improve productivity and increase your ability to deliver tailored customer service. The key to getting the greatest performance from this tool is to know the goals you want to accomplish with the help of your task management software. Thus, developing effective and attainable milestones for your business gives you a clear path toward greater success as you integrate your task management software and its tools into your overreaching business goals.

Reduce Under- and Overstocking

Smart inventory management is essential to minimize lost sales and maximize use of available storage space. Knowing exactly what you have in your inventory and how it relates to your short- and long-term sales or services is the best way to reduce both under stocking and overstocking for greater efficiency and resource management. Field service software can help you reach this goal by allowing offsite employees to quickly and accurately log any parts used, as well as track online and in-person sales and services so you know exactly which products are in the highest demand and which aren’t necessary to stock in high quantities.

Eliminate Paper Documentation

One of the simplest and most effective goals your business management software can help you reach is the elimination of paper documentation from your daily business operations. The use of paper is not only a wasteful practice that impacts natural resources and costs you money in terms of supplies, it can also slow down the speed of your business in terms of mailing or scanning paperwork and the confusion caused by illegible or unclear handwriting. Implementing paperless practices both at your main worksite and via mobile technology when employees are offsite completing services will smooth and streamline your business’ daily tasks and increase convenience for you and your customers. Online and mobile billing and invoice generation are fast and easy to track, eliminating both the time and the financial costs associated with physical paperwork and billing.

Improve Response and Service Time

One of the key areas in which field service software can help you improve your business is speed. The instant connectivity and communication afforded by task management software allows you to schedule same-day and future appointments easily and efficiently, based on employee schedules and current or predicted locations. Knowing exactly what is needed for each job and matching it to the inventory carried by offsite employees eliminates the need to return for further service so tasks can be completed more quickly and in a single visit for greater convenience and customer satisfaction. Finally, the ability to generate invoices and receive payment immediately upon completion of any job eliminates slow billing speeds for further efficiency that will reflect well on your business and please your customers.

The versatile and effective business management tools available to you with Kickserv’s field service software can help you meet these goals and many more quickly and easily. We invite you to click through our website for a more detailed look at the services and tools offered through our software packages, or take a look at our blog to learn even more about the benefits of integrating field service software into your modern business plan.

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