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Taking Your Contracting Business to the Next Level

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Peter McKesson // September 4, 2017

Taking Your Contracting Business to the Next Level

Many entrepreneurs think that starting a business is the biggest challenge they will face, but in reality, growing your company can be the trickiest part of the journey. For contractors, stiff competition and strict licensing requirements can make growth even more difficult to manage. Fortunately, with a few smart strategies and the right tools—such as a powerful business management software platform that works for your industry—you can build your company in a sustainable way. Take your contracting business to the next level with these steps.

Know Your Competitors

When you’re looking at the next steps for your business, your current competitors may no longer be who you need to worry about. Do a new round of market research and find out who is competing for the kinds of customers you want to target next. Learn what they do well and what those customers respond to in their services, so you know what you need to be competitive. Find out how they market their businesses, look at their online presence, check out their prices, and read customer reviews. Decide how you can mirror the things that they do successfully, and look for the openings where they have weaknesses that you can use to establish yourself with a new client base.

Upgrade Your Software

Nothing slows down a growing business like outdated software. The business management software you used to establish your business may no longer be up to the task as your company gets bigger, especially if you were using free services. As a result, you can lose control over your finances, schedule, contracts, and more. Make sure you always have the resources you need to run your company by upgrading to business management software that has all of the capabilities you need.

Hire the Best Team

As a contractor, you are only as good as the team you send out to the job site. Don’t compromise on the staff you hire. Invest in qualified, licensed, and trained employees, and continue to invest in their development through continuing education programs. Ensure that all of your employees have up-to-date licenses and assess their work regularly. Provide feedback on an ongoing basis so that you can continue to improve the services you offer.

Our business software platform is built to give contracting businesses the tools they need to grow, with detailed job management tools, customer tracking, and invoicing capabilities. To find out how to put our software to work for you, visit our website. Don’t forget to read our blog for advice for small business owners.

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