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How to Use Data You Collect About Your Customers

Business Advice
Peter McKesson // February 22, 2018

Using your business management software to collect data about your customers is a must for any small business. However, that information isn’t useful if it just sits in a database waiting for attention. When customers share data with you, it is a golden opportunity to get insight into your specific market segment and use the information you’ve gathered to drive business and boost customer loyalty. If you’re wondering what to do with the treasure trove of information you have about your customers, here are some ideas to make it work for you.

Personalize the Customer Experience

Knowing what your customers want helps you bring the right products and services to their attention. For example, if you know that a regular client of your cleaning business often adds on services such as baseboard cleaning, you can provide that customer with information about other add-ons that may be of interest to them, such as deep room cleanings or windows. If you’ve just installed a new heating system for a customer, information about maintenance services is relevant to them. The data you have about customer buying behaviors lets you create targeted information that fills a demand that the customer hasn’t even thought about yet.

Act on Feedback

If you solicit feedback from your customers—and if you’re not, you may wish to start—then you can use that information to improve your service. Pay close attention to the feedback you get, and when possible, act on it. If customers are telling you that they need to be able to make multiple services at one time, then use your business management software to make this possible. If customers are unhappy about the cleanup your employees do after a repair service, institute new training and advertise your new standards. Customers will appreciate seeing that you’re taking their suggestions on board.

Re-evaluate Your Marketing Strategy

Are you sure you truly understand your target market? By examining customer data, you may find that your customers aren’t quite who you think they are. Mining data for information about your market lets you make smart decisions about how to promote and market your services in a way that is relevant to your consumer base.

Our business management software not only makes it easy to collect information about your customers but also to use it in effective ways. Since our software was designed with the need of service-related industries in mind, with robust features for scheduling, employee check-ins, job management, and much more. Explore all of our features on our website, and bookmark our blog to stay on top of the latest business trends that affect you.

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