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Peter McKesson // February 22, 2017

Using the Kickserv Marketing Module

What is more important to your business than maintaining easy communication with the customers that you have and making it as easy as possible for new customers to make contact with you? With Kickserv business management software, our Lead Form is included with every account. This simple form collects customer information and automatically generates an Opportunity with information that you can turn into an action item. The Lead Form is easily embedded on your site or can be reached using a link that transfers information from potential new customers directly to Kickserv. For some businesses, however, this simple contact form isn’t enough. If you’re ready to take your online booking and communication to the next level, consider adding the Marketing module to your Kickserv account. The Marketing module allows for greater customization and includes more powerful customer communication tools, so you can save time and money associated with phone and email contacts. Here is what you need to know about making the Marketing module work for you.

Marketing Module 101

The Marketing module exists to showcase your services and make it easier for customers to book them. Through the module, both new and existing customers can request service appointments online and communicate back and forth with you about their service needs, without making phone calls or writing multiple emails. The information you include in the Marketing module, including the online appointment request system, is available to customers around the clock, whether they have an account with you or not.

Setting Up the Module

Setting up your Marketing module is a simple process. Start by logging into the Customer Account Center and selecting Marketing. Fill out the information requested in the form along the sidebar of the site, and watch how it will look on your site with a preview on the right side of your screen. Note that your business address is not required, other than the city and town, and that you can set your service area radius bigger than you think you want, so you don’t miss out on potential jobs by being too restrictive. When you get to updating your services, mark the services that you want to appear on your marketing site as “bookable.” Note that you don’t have to make all of your services bookable. Make the ones you want to invite online booking for as bookable. They will all continue to show up in your Leads Form. Lastly, set up the permissions for your employees that allow your chosen staff members to answer messages within the Marketing module and publish your site.

Making Use of the Marketing Tools

There are many ways to use the marketing tools to make it easier to interact with customers. Start by embedding the tool in your Yelp page and other online platforms. When customer requests come in, handle them in a timely manner, using your Kickserv scheduling tools to set up jobs as needed.

Maximize the effectiveness of your business management software by using our platform to build the personalized tools you need to run your company. Get a closer look at all of our business software services by visiting our website, and don’t forget to read our blog for more business tips.

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