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Peter McKesson // August 28, 2015

When You Need to Close Deals or Get Paid, Use Kickserv’s Invoices

Invoices are the key to rendering services and receiving payment in the business world. Accurate invoicing is a must to ensure smooth business operations and accurate records. Kickserv’s business management software solutions includes a variety of digital invoicing features that allow you to create, send, receive, and track invoices easily so you can manage your expenditures, payments, and inventory at a glance.

The Basics of Kickserv’s Invoice Feature

Kickserv’s business management software makes it simple for you to manage all of your business’ invoices digitally. Using our software, any employee can generate an estimate or invoice in your system using a computer or mobile device at any time. Signature capture capabilities allow you to record signatures digitally, speeding business deals by eliminating the need to wait for mailed signatures and ensuring accuracy and transparency between your company and your clients. Once digital invoices have been created, they can be sent immediately to save money on paper and postage, while providing your clients with billing and payment information immediately, rather than waiting for mail service. Our digital invoicing software also comes with online payment capabilities, which not only speed up the billing process, but the payment process as well.

The Benefits of Digital Invoicing

In the past, business invoicing was completed solely on paper. As computing technology has become an integral part of the workplace, however, businesses have moved to digital invoicing for many reasons. Digital invoicing offers your business numerous benefits, including accuracy, speed, and ease of access. You can create and send digital invoices immediately to eliminate much of the wait time between invoice receipt and final payment. Because digital invoicing allows you to instantly create and send invoices as soon as a job is completed or an order is filled, you’ll be paid faster to improve your business’ cash flow management and ensure you always have sufficient funds to pay your own operating costs. Digital invoices and records are also easier to track and access from any location, which makes it simpler for your employees and clients to discuss changes and catch mistakes before they propagate and cause cash flow or tax issues. Because inventory and resource management rely on accurate and up-to-date invoicing, you’ll also reduce over- or under-stocking items and over-booking employees, which will reduce overhead costs and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Fast, accurate invoicing will ensure your company gets paid on time with fewer mistakes. If you’re ready to find out how our business management software can serve you, click on over to our website to take a look at the full range of task management functions and tools we offer. You can also check out our blog for more tips on business and task management in any field, including HVAC, plumbing, computer repair, and housekeeping.

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