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Employee Management
Peter McKesson // February 16, 2017

A major milestone in the life of a business owner is the day he or she begins to hire employees. When you’ve been running your company on your own with just your computer and your business management software, adding employees into the equation can be both exciting and intimidating. Avoid hiring misfires by keeping these tips in mind.

Create a Clear Job Description

You can’t attract the right candidates if you don’t clearly define the job. Although you can find boilerplate job descriptions online, resist the urge to use uniform template and instead write a description that truly captures what the job will entail. Clearly describe the tasks the new hire will do, especially if you will expect a new employee to pitch in a variety of ways as the business grows. It can also be helpful to be very specific about the kinds of qualifications you want and even information about the kinds of management new hires can expect. For instance, if you plan to use business management software to track your employees by GPS when they are out on jobs, state it up front so that new hires can’t balk after they are offered the job.

Check Personal and Professional References

Although professional references are an ideal way to get an understanding of a job candidate’s experience and some insight into his or her working relationships, legal restraints and company policies mean you may not always get the whole story. By requesting at least one personal reference, you can hear from the people who know the job candidate the best and who can speak honestly with you. Many employers are surprised by the volume of helpful information they get from personal references.

Listen to Your Instincts

When you interview someone, listen to what your gut says about how he or she will fit into your business. Don’t just trust a resume with a long history of relevant experience. You will work closely with your first employees, so you should feel like he or she can take direction from you and see your business as you do. Even if someone seems like a great candidate on paper, if your instincts are saying no, pay attention.

When you bring on your first employees, managing them can bring a new learning curve. With the right business management software, scheduling, job tracking, and other aspects of managing a team can be streamlined and straightforward. To find out how our software can make your transition from sole proprietor to employer easier, visit our website. Be sure to also bookmark our blog for more advice on running your business and using our software effectively.

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