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Ask These Questions During Your Employees’ Exit Interviews

Employee Management
Peter McKesson // January 19, 2019

Although exit interviews might not be part of your existing to-do list, they can provide a treasure trove of information that helps you understand your business a little better. Feedback from existing employees can help you discover some helpful changes you could make, from embracing new features in your business management software to adapting your existing scheduling practices. Here are some questions you can ask your exiting employees to get insightful information about your business.

Why did you start looking for a new job?

This question can offer important insights into employee satisfaction. If someone is leaving your company because he or she wants new opportunities, consider if there are perks you could be offering, like certification classes or tuition assistance, which could keep employees happier. If your employee was in search of better pay, evaluate your compensation to see how it compares with similar employers in your marketplace. During an exit interview, if someone discloses an issue that you were not aware of that impacted job satisfaction, it is time to examine your workplace complaints procedures and how often you meet with staff to discuss their roles and needs.

What do you think this company is doing right?

Asking an employee this question lets you understand what is really working for your staff and your customers. Your employee may describe a feature of your business management software that made his or her job easier or positive feedback he or she has heard from customers. Pay attention as much to things that aren’t said as the things that are. This information could give you some clues about where you should be addressing your attention.

Did you understand your responsibilities and performance goals?

Employees who don’t feel like they fully understand their jobs or what their goals are in the workplace can become easily frustrated and may inadvertently underperform. If your employee didn’t feel valued or wasn’t sure where he or she fits within the organization, ask for feedback about changes you could make to prevent the same issue in the future.

Giving your employees the tools they need to do a good job for your company, such as user-friendly business management software, can dramatically increase workplace satisfaction. Our software was designed with the needs of small businesses in mind and can be changed to meet your workplace needs. Find out more about the broad capabilities of our software on our website, and please bookmark our blog for regularly updated business tips and advice.

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