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Peter McKesson // July 13, 2017

How to Launch an Employee Feedback System

If you asked your employees how they are performing in their jobs, would their answers match yours? Without an effective feedback system, your employees don’t know how they are doing at their work, and they don’t have any idea if they could be making improvements or if they are excelling. Even if your business is small, employee feedback is a valuable part of managing your staff effectively. Feedback motivates employees and gives them fair notice when they need to improve certain aspects of their work. Although the task may seem daunting, your business management software can make it easier than you might think. Here is what you need to know.

Decide What Is Important to You

To make your employee feedback meaningful, it will need to be concise and specific. Decide what matters to you most as an employer, and make these categories the areas you address with your staff. For instance, if it is important to you that your employees are always on time for appointments with your customers, then make that one of the areas you evaluate during your feedback session. Define what feedback means to your business, being careful that the areas you are addressing allow for both positive feedback and constructive criticism.

Introduce the Plan to Your Employees

Before you begin evaluating employees, let them know that you are launching a new feedback system. Explain how they will be evaluated, the dates of the evaluation period, how the feedback will be provided, and how you will use the outcomes of these feedback sessions. Keep in mind that employees will need clear direction in regard to how to improve performances in areas in which they received negative feedback and how the feedback they are provided will be tracked over time.

Use Quantitative Measures

Although all feedback will contain some qualitative judgments on your part, rely on quantitative measures as much as possible. Use your business management software to track employees’ schedules, timeliness, and performance in key areas, so you can not only tell your employees what you think about their work but also show them how they are performing using clear, unassailable data.

Our business software can be an important part of your feedback system by allowing you to track metrics about your employees. Discover everything our business management software can do for you by exploring our system on our website. Our blog is also a good source of advice to help you strengthen your company.

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