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Employee Management
Peter McKesson // March 16, 2017

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Managing Employees

When you start a small business, you usually fill the role of every employee as you pour everything you have into building your company. As it grows, you’ll have to adjust the way you do things, from trying out new business management software to finally bringing employees on board. Because of the speed with which small businesses move, it’s easy to hire employees before you have developed your management strategy. Protect your business and build an amazing staff with these management tips.

Clarify the Job Description

Because you’ve juggled so many parts of your business for so long, it’s easy to assume that any employee you hire will follow you into being a jack-of-all-trades. However, keep in mind that your employees will never be as committed to your business as you are, and instead of expecting them to jump in and help with everything, it benefits everyone to have a clear job description. Give your employees clear responsibilities and expectations, and don’t assume that you do not need to explain things that may seem obvious to you. Detail everything, so that your employees feel empowered to do their job well, and you have a clear means of assessing their work.

Find Ways to Empower Employees

When your employees have mastered the basics of their jobs, look for ways that you can empower them and continue to make work engaging and challenging for them. Involve them in making decisions that affect their positions, and solicit feedback on a regular basis. Your employees may have some terrific ideas about how to make your business run more efficiently and service your customers better.

Make Technology Work for You

Technology has made it easier than ever for companies to manage their employees. For instance, if your employees go out into the field, use business management software that lets you track their locations and confirm that they are sticking the appointment schedule. This kind of software allows you to ensure that your employees are meeting the expectations you have set for them and creates a record of the customer service they are providing.

Our business management software incorporates field management, marketing services, and appointment set-ups, so you can build efficient strategies and take charge of your employee management. Find out more about how our software can work for you by visiting our website, and check out our blog for more advice for maximizing your business’ potential.

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