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Employee Management
Peter McKesson // December 21, 2015

The Benefits of Real-Time Employee Management

In the information age, there is no reason to ignore the wealth of data at your fingertips. Modern technology and business management software allows you to accurately track employee services and locations in real time, regardless of your industry or location. This real-time tracking and management of employees offers several key benefits for your business, allowing you to more effectively provide the services your customers expect.

Faster Response Time

One of the major benefits of mobile employee monitoring is faster response times to customer calls. When you are able to accurately track the location of all employees in real time, you can respond to new calls or requests that occur in the middle of the workday by sending employees that are already close to the requested location, which reduces the distance traveled and the amount of time it takes to provide service. Clients will see this as a major benefit, particularly in industries that rely on prompt response times, such as businesses that offer emergency plumbing, electrical services, and HVAC repair.

Lower Travel Costs

Mobile employee management also helps you to direct your employees’ movements more efficiently, which reduces the amount of travel each employee must complete throughout the course of each day. Effective scheduling and deployment based on real-time positions will reduce the number of extraneous miles traveled, which can help you save money in multiple ways. First, you’ll lower your company’s fuel costs by using the fuel you have bought more effectively in direct travel to and from worksites. Second, you’ll also reduce wear and tear on your vehicles, which translates into both lower upkeep costs and longer vehicle lifetimes to help you save on the ultimate cost of replacing vehicles as well.

Improved Employee Deployment

The information provided by mobile employee tracking can also help you manage and deploy employees more effectively, based on employee productivity and specialization. Knowing exactly where your employees are located and their estimated time to job completion can improve scheduling procedures to allow you to provide service to the maximum number of clients per day without overtaxing your resources or missing appointment times and dates. Because your mobile employee management software also allows you to receive updates while employees are in the field, you can use this information to ensure that clients still waiting on service are not affected if repairs or service in one location take longer than anticipated. The ability to respond to changes in real time will reduce overall stress on your employees and improve your business image by ensuring your customers’ needs are always met through more effective deployment.

Kickserv’s advanced business management software includes mobile employee management and tracking options to boost your business’ efficiency to the next level. Please take a look through our website today to find out more about our task management tools, or check out our blog for even more great tips on how to meet your customers’ current and evolving demands.

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